Interested in swapping???

So, I want to host a swap.

ideally I would love for it to be a children’s swap. We did a really cool book one last fall, and Genny LOVED it, so I am thinking a book thing might be cool. However, I’m thinking more along the lines of a “favorite things” swap…

I fear Genny growing up in a world where personal contact and true, non-computer, communication is growing more and more extinct. Touchable mail, for me, is still one of the coolest things.

So, maybe something like four things:
– something I made.
– something I bought (under $5)
– something to read. (it could be a book, a poem, anything really.
– something sweet.

What do you think? The other idea I had was recreating something similar to this one that we participated in last summer. It was so much fun! What do you guys think? It could start on June 20th and end on Labor Day…

I think it would be really cool to get a lot of families involved… So, are you game?

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7 thoughts on “Interested in swapping???

  1. I love swaps! But, I cannot make anything, seriously not creative. If I have to make something I'll be sending chocolate chip cookies or something else yummy and edible. Crafty items – no can do :(

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