When in doubt, blame the bees…

It’s really hot.

They are calling for thunderstorms tomorrow (one can only hope) and so I decided to sneak out back and pull the blankets from the line that I’d forgotten left to draw in more of that fresh-air-scent- and i was shocked by the temperature. Outside my sweet little house, it has to be AT LEAST 20 degrees cooler.


While inside we roast…

I’d like to take a moment to write to you about the problem with being a night owl… {note how I say this, as though there were only one issue with such a burden! As if incredibly difficult mornings, crawling in to bed hours behind your husband and seldom having a productive second in your day- before noon- were all completely natural and wonderful things…}

So yes- the problem with being a night owl: peanut butter bumble bees.

You see, tomorrow is our homeschool co-op day. For one of our co-op classes, Gen and I were asked to bring these peanut butter bumble bee “cookies”. (that are never baked.) The problem was that by the time we had room in our schedule (see= “lack of productivity before noon” and add to this “inability to find my late night pal- motivation”) it was far too hot to take on such a task. These globs rolls of peanut butter would never remain as such. It would be one giant, disappointing mess… So we waited until evening. But evening found us finishing what we could, with the garden, before Lost. Lost found us outraged at the dumb recap it was, with the completely lame preview for next weeks super 100th episode- and regardless our house was probably 90+ degrees. (i.o.w. insuitable conditions for bees made of peanut buttery goodness…)

Being the night owl that I am, and ignoring the sweltering temperature in my house at this moment, one could ask why i wasn’t delving into the pbbee goodness rather than wasting precious moments on this blog… Well, my friend, I will tell you…

Genny is the bee-keeper/maker of this project. I’m merely at attention to melt chocolate as needed. (perhaps by merely placing it on the counter, at this rate.) Genny, who is asleep right now, is therefore incapable of such bee-utiful acts in that overheating wasteland known as my kitchen…

So… after much blabbering and not yet getting to the point- we come to the dillema of the night owl’s cross to bear.


The early hour at which I have to rise, motivate, shower, motivate, wake the princess in her tower, spread cheer and motivation and somehow get the bee’s polinated, created and ready to leave the house when we do.

You may ask, at this point, the previous question about why am I on this blog rather than sleeping… BECAUSE I’M A NIGHT OWL… Aren’t you paying attention??? (to those of you who weren’t wondering- thanks for paying attention. you ARE my favorite readers- you know.)

this is a conundrum… will the bees make it? Will I make it? Will the thunderstorms come? (will they ruin our little garden????)

Tune in next time…

p.s. The husband has granted me permission to load photos on the laptop instead of waiting for the desk top. While ceremony photos are on the desk top (sorry!) and will have to be waited on- I can finally empty my overloaded cameras. perhaps next time will include photos…

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