On a happier note…

I am the girl who loves the deep & insightful, artsy & complex or cleverly scripted & cinematic movies. I love subtitles, when they are necessary. I love vibrant imagery and I watch movies for all of the aesthetics and artsy features as well as the story. To me it’s equally as important that music is well placed, make up is believably and wardrobe is authentic…
I am the girl who whispers “they should have researched this better”, or more specifically.”That waterfall is in Oregon, not Washington, fools.” (that’s my long overdue nod to Twilight, ya’ll. It’s been awhile…)
I am the critic.
I am the arthouse film connoisseur.
What I am not is your typical, trendy movie loving girl. I don’t get excited about yet another movie about that one last party, on that one last night of high school, with that one girl that you’ve loved since freshman year. Sorry, if you do. We’re cool- I just don’t like them.
Sometimes, however, my snobbish ways weaken a bit and I allow a cheesy movie to break into my icy heart and warm me to the bone.
This time around, that movie is 17 Again
I LOVE IT!!!! The music, the story, the funny. It’s funny. It’s laugh-out-loud funny. It isn’t original, it isn’t the most clever film out there- and yet- for me this movie is pretty perfect. I love it…
And Zac Efron… who knew??? (ok. The whole world knew… I just never saw it before. He’s adorable AND talented… And here, I just thought people only liked him for his pretty face.)
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4 thoughts on “On a happier note…

  1. Another shout out to Zac. He’s so talented that even when he’s starring opposite someone that isn’t as talented (read: Vanessa Hudgens) he makes them look good. He’s got enough talent for himself and his co-stars.

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