The Switch…

What were we thinking???

I mean, really…

There is still no word on the job situation, and we had a weekend of wondering/worrying. So, what do normal people do in times like that? Honestly, I wouldn’t have a clue.

As for us? We procrastinate the garden, do up the yard, deep clean the kitchen (nearly killing me in the process from the nasty self-cleaning-oven fumes) and then decide to- (pay CLOSE attention here…)

– move Genny upstairs to the bonus room which is then housed my sewing stuff, craft stuff, our office and our school room.

– therefore moving the office/craft stuff/school stuff into our “guest room” which is maybe one/sixth the size of the bonus room.

– as well as moving the “guest” room (and pluthera of video game storage) into Genny’s old room. (old as in, she woke up there yesterday morning…)

Currently my house looks like every nook and cranny vomited books, school supplies, crafting stuff and anything else you can think of- into every room. Not one room is done. Not one room is on the verge of being done- and my living room is destroyed in the process.

When it’s done though- Genny’s room will be awesome.

Everything else: CRAMPED.

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5 thoughts on “The Switch…

  1. Why am I not surprised to hear you did the ol’ switcheroo? LOL I know Gen’s room will be awesome… you do everything awesome! I WANT TO SEE PICS!!!Keep us posted on Chw’s job. I am praying.

  2. sugar coma~ well… We’ve been contemplating Gen upstairs for a long time. There is just more room, plus, with my mom coming we really wanted Genny to be “away” so my mom had a bit of “peace”… Gens room is on it’s way to being SO COOL… the rest of things though are so less than cool. It’s a little sad really.

  3. Well… I don’t know what “normal” people would do, but if I woke up in your situation, I’d be taking on huge projects right now, too. Anything to feel like I’m doing something to maintain control, and meanwhile to get my mind off of the tension.

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