Wagner Vow A Go-Go…

Genny adores the Doll People books by Ann. M. Martin. Just last night she was found screaming at the top of her lungs in a local independent book store because they had the third one in stock…

No. We did not buy it.

Yes. She was, in fact, disappointed.

Between you and I, however, I happen to know she is getting the entire series for her birthday. Shhh…

At any rate, anyone who hasn’t read these stories (or had the very beautiful privilege of listening to them on audio book) will have no clue what the title of this post is derived from. It is, in fact, taken from a game that Nora (which, incidentally, happens to be my mother’s name) plays with the dolls, in the bath tub. (That game, though, is not called Wagner Vow A Go-Go. What it is called is Miami Beach A Go-G0, but that’s altogether irrelevant isn’t it?)

Truth be told, the title of this post was merely a nod at my book loving daughter. Ironically, due to birthday gift spoilers, she can’t really read this post.

Ahhh… fancy wording and riddles to tell you this: we’ve found a location! And it’s perfect… PERFECT. (perfect, assuming the weather co-operates… Please, oh please oh please pray. Please additionally keep your fingers and toes crossed. I realize that these things can be of some discomfort, but most good things require sacrifice and so it must be.)

Food is on it’s way to being taken care of. A Cake is taken care of. A place is taken care of. A photographer is taken care of. Key things, wonderful things, are falling into place. Chw and I spent a chunk of time going over my glorious decoration ideas. (yes, he was as thrilled as one woman can imagine the average man being of such things.) Chw has spoken to the people he wants to stand up for him/with him/beside him, etc. He has his suit and all is right in his world.

Then there is mine.

I have no dress. I have a black dress, but it hardly seems fitting. (fitting… bad play on words. forgive me.) I don’t want a gown, that’s just silly. But classically elegant would be nice. With my birthday being just before, I’ve told him (and anyone who has asked) that I simply want money for a dress. We’ll see…

Too, I want the something borrowed and blue stuff. It’s silly, I know. And I’m not much of a romantic, really. I never had that though, and it seems so novel. Secretly I’m wishing… Call me dumb, I can take it.

We aren’t calling them “best men” or “bridesmaids”. Attendents. That’s what they are. This isn’t a wedding, but they are still a key part in the whole thing. As for my attendents? I don’t know who they will be. I know EXACTLY who my heart of hearts want… It’s just a matter of waiting to hear if they can come. If not, I have back up options. Does that sound cruel? I don’t mean it to be. All but one of the people I’d ask, would understand.

So… Cross those fingers and toes and give me any outdoor dusk ideas you’ve got people. :)

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10 thoughts on “Wagner Vow A Go-Go…

  1. Wow — this sounds so exciting! I hope you’ll post pictures after the big day. What a lovely idea, renewing your vows, being together as a family…it sounds fantastic.

  2. Ohhh.. you are redoing your vows!!Somehow missed that!Congrats!I think a new dress order!!Sales are great now–try looking at somethings on line–If money is really tight–CHADWICKS has beautiful formal wear and it is not expensiveThey are on line too!Happy shoppingCan’t wait to see pictures!

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