those little girls in green….

I am really annoyed. Annoyed at all things girl scout, actually. So annoyed, in fact, that when they came knocking on my door offering to sell cookies- I did not answer.

That’s right, I ignored them…

Oh, the willpower it took.

WASTE OF TIME apparently, because my husband opened the door on their second round through the ‘hood and purchased a horde of Samoas.

Other than venting my frustrations to my husband, (and secretly wishing those coconut and caramel replicas of heaven were here so that I could show those girl scouts whose boss) I’ve pretty much kept my Girl Scout issue to myself.

Until now… I was deep into a project when life jolted me out of concentration and I realized that I needed a break. In normal fashion, I pulled up my reader and saw that one of my favorite bloggers, Darcie had posted about her own Girl Scout issue. It were as though blogger suddenly became my own support group forum. Before, I considered it some unspoken crime to badmouth the Scouts who are girls, (everyone already bad mouths the boys with their popcorn and calendar sales. Poor boys.) but today I saw that I was mistaken…


Issue numero uno-

Several years ago Gen wanted to be in. I went to the orientation meeting and got weaseled into saying i would be willing to help with a new troop. Before I knew it, I had mom’s calling me. I was listed as the leader of the new troop. There was no way I had time for that, so I declined gracefully and informed them that if that’s what was expected in order for my daughter to be a girl scout, she’d be pulling out as well.

They bid us goodbye.

Fast forward to an entirely new state, and issue numero dos-

Genny wants to be a girl scout. Several mom’s give me the number for the head office of troups in this area. I call. And call. For 12 weeks, I call once a week. No one phones me back. Cookie sales begin (in 2008) and I chalk it up to that. It gets pushed to the wayside until School begins, in September. Miraculously I phone them, and get a live person. “We’d love to have her! Print the registration form from our website and mail it in with her registration fee.”

The woman was pleasant and I was happy.

I printed. I filled out. I mailed. I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And on January 4th, a little girl came to our door selling cookies and I blew. Instead of answering the door I called. And called. And then, a few days later the newsletter for girl scouts and their families, in our area, was emailed to me. I replied and got a very nice woman. I explained the situation and she responded immediately. She CC’d me on an email to someone “higher up”, saying this should resolve the “mix up”.

It’s the 21st. Are you as “shocked” as I am that I never heard anything back?

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12 thoughts on “those little girls in green….

  1. I am with you. I have very politely declined many offers from well meaning friends to join up with the Girl Scouts. I am sure it is a wonderful group that teaches wonderful values, but with our distance from things and the level of involvement needed, I decided it wasn’t for us. One of those executive mom decisions!I did buy four boxes of cookies this past Sunday from a girl scout at church though! They are the first I have been suckered into buying in years!

  2. Our little girl is too young to interested yet so I have no hard feelings… other than I absolutely LOVE their cookies –sinful things that they are!

  3. Honestly, I didn’t get much out of Girl Scouts. I sold cookies and I helped clean up an empty lot in my leader’s neighborhood, and that was the extent of that.I’m pretty thrilled that my daughter has never expressed an interest in it, even though she does have some friends who do it.Besides, my husband would totally make fun of those uniforms behind her back.

  4. really, Sarah? ok… I was in brownies but never made it to girl scouts. my mom got in a fight with my troop leader and that was the end of that. I don’t want to be that mom. When they called today (HUGE SHOCK), probably a result of me raising a fuss, I asked for them to just return our money and remove her from the list. I felt horrible, but what I don’t want is them treating her bad either… Does that make sense?

  5. My daughter is a Girl Scout – and I understand your frustration. I had a difficult time getting her signed up as well. Once, we got through that though – she has really enjoyed her time as a GS. She has learned a lot through earning badges, done community service at the local SPCA, and made some good friends. She’s not real athletic – so this is a good alternative for her. Plus, I like it because we only meet every other week! We have a great leader! I co-lead, but luckily- don’t have to do much – just help out at meetings and on the trips.

  6. I feel two ways about this:I loved being a Girl Scout.I don’t want to have to lead a troupe.Basically, my four will probably not do GS. They are pretty busy with 4H and chess now. Maybe Gen would like 4H? Kids can do crafts and homemaking skills there too; it’s not just farming and animals.

  7. I can’t believe you’ve had such a hard time. I’ve had positive experiences with the organization as a whole; my beef is with one impolite GS in particular. I’m all for the 4H though. And the upside? You don’t have to mess with the danged cookies!

  8. Daughter was in Girl Scouts for 1 year. In order for her to be a troop some of the mothers had to run the meetings. 8 of us did it. It wasn’t soo bad. We teamed up into pairs and every other month you ran a meeting.Not to excuse their behavior—they were wrong— but I think there is a real shortage of leaders. Lots of us are too busy.It all goes back to that service piece again.Just something to ponder……

  9. Ohhh – I got suckered into that popcorn… only to find out my husband did TOO! So, I still have the darn popcorn that I am ready to pitch cuz’ no one is eating it. Thanks for pointing me in this blog direction. It is fun to read about all the thoughts across the country.

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