I love you, yeah yeah yeah…

I saw this MeMe over here. I liked it because it was a little different…

What to do:

What I want to know is 10 NEW (not the same old thing) things you’ve discovered that you can’t live without and why.

I’m talking practical, here.

Not Jesus or your family … that’s a given.

I’m talking PRODUCTS … anything from groceries to toiletries to make-up to shoes. This will help us all discover new things we may want to try.

My list…

1} Method’s Pink Grapefruit line of kitchen cleaners.
From soaps to dishsoaps, detergents to all purpose cleaners- i LOVE this stuff. I love the product, I love the smell and I love the scent that lingers in my house!

2} C.O. Bigelow lemon body wash.
Honestly, a shower never smelled more fresh.
(also, side note- I couldn’t live without the C.O. Bigelow lip gloss and I LOVE their lemon sugar scrub.)

3} Yogi Teas.
LOVE Them! The Echinacea support, escpecially.
We can’t get enough of this tea around here.

4} Room to Write.
This book was given to me by a totally cool friend and I can’t say enough good things about it.
It’s become my constant companion…

5} Supernatural.
allow me to morph into a fifteen year old for half a second please…
OMG!!!! seriously! When my local Sephora sales associate first pitched this miracle in a jar, to me, I was sceptical. Her tagline was “it’s pretty much the same thing as Bare Minerals but easier, more compact and much more affordable.”
And, as far as I’m concerned- she’s right.

6} Hope in a Jar.
Of course, my blog is no secret to my obsession with this product.
When I blogged, some months ago, that I could no longer afford it and wasn’t sure my skin could live without it, my readers sympathized.
My 2 months of other moisturizors and much sadness came to a climactic end on December 25th in the form of Sephora gift cards. (Thank you loving family!) My skin rejoiced and the truth, for me, is that I can’t live without this.

7} This…
I know, I know. It probably shouldn’t be on the list.
It is though. It goes with me, from house to car. To the gym, to my quiet times… It plugs into my stereo, as well as my car. It’s vital to my sanity.

8} These jars.
I’ve bought them at IKEA, I currently buy them pretty much religiously at World Market.
I store everything in them, from buttons to spices. I make sugar scrubs and homemade soaps to fill them. I love these jars, in all sizes. Scattered about our kitchen they house dried fruits, candied pineapple, cinnimon and sugar (for toast), yogurt covered pretzels and so much more.

9} Sexy Hair Pumpkin Enzyme therapy mist.
I LOVE this product!
I love the way it smells, the way it makes my hair feel. It’s flawless…
(I also have the hair mask and am a big fan of it as well!)

10} Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro.
Very dear friends of us turned us on to this local treasure. Not only is it so amazing that it’s made it’s way- multiple times- into national magazines, but the average wait to get in on any given day is 2 hours. It has fantastic character, the MOST amazing food we’ve ever eaten and the best staff on the planet. If you live anywhere near Boise, and haven’t been there- you need to go.
It is our family’s FAVORITE spot.

p.s. had I of done this post a week ago, this would have been my number one…

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9 thoughts on “I love you, yeah yeah yeah…

  1. I agree with you and Beth on the necessity of Method kitchen cleaners. I actually use their grapefruit in the kitchen, and the cucumber in the bathroom, every morning. I also shine my stainless steel sink with method stainless steel cleaner. (Unscented) Love Method for their eco-friendly products and their hip packaging. :)And Room to Write is now on my wish list for birthday presents. I have to be VERY obvious to Billy so that he’ll get that for me. :)

  2. These are so fun! I haven’t tried ANY of these products, which must mean I’m not spending enough time or money on myself. I want the book. Definitely want the book. Maybe I’ll steal your Meme idea!

  3. I’m such a sucker for the products that other people swear by. By week’s end you’ll probably find two or three of those things at my house.

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