Something from Twilight, or maybe just the Office?

I was horrified, after grocery shopping saturday, to find this in my fridge.
By horrified, I mean that I felt actual horror.

We don’t eat red meat and, this looked like blood.

Like a lot of blood…

We couldn’t figure it out, as we followed it’s heinous trail from the beneath the crisper, up…
we continued disassembling the refrigerator, slowly eliminating the possible culprits. There wasn’t an area of this fridge that wasn’t tainted…

and then… then we found the top shelf.
And found the source.
Dwight would be proud…

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13 thoughts on “Something from Twilight, or maybe just the Office?

  1. I’ll admit, the beets are mine. I love them. at least when they are pickled- which these were… My concern comes when their juice looks like blood. Could I eat them now?

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