Run Away…

If you have a few hours, this weekend, to sneak away for a lighthearted a beautiful escape- i totally and completely recommend Last Chance Harvey. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect to hate it. I’d practically adore anything Emma is in because I think she is an unbelievably amazing and outstanding human being. That said, however, I didn’t exactly think this film would be my thing.
Surprisingly- I loved it.
So, go see it. You deserve the heartwarming break…

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8 thoughts on “Run Away…

  1. Huh…I’m surprised. But I trust you:) The preview for this looked pretty awful, like they had no chemistry at all. But maybe I’ll reconsider. I think we’re going to try and see Slum Dog Millionaire soon. And then I’ve been waiting for Revolutionary Road ever since you posted about it…

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