Like The Outsiders, only different…

While three day weekends are traditionally full of mini-trips, camping, cookouts or lounging around- we chose to cram as much productivity into our three days as possible. There was lawn care, baking, construction, car repair (Halleluiah! I have a car again!), gift making, computer programing, room rearranging, ripstick riding (no, not by me.) and a pluthera of bicycle injuries to be had… (again, not by me. Ripsticking were LT and Chw. Bike injuries would be the illustrious miss Genny.)

Of course, amidst the cheesecake eating and productive craziness, there was a time out for a mini photo shoot. It was all in fun, as the boys tried (and failed) to race each other on the rails… Only one injury, which is good, considering there was climbing upon the train, pull ups, attempts to push the train (I kid you not) and smile for the camera…

One day, the people I love will tire of me shouting out the car window: Stop here, this would make an awesome background for photos!
Thankfully, that day was NOT yesterday…

And the winner of my give away is Birdie of Scenes from the Crooked Maple… Please go by and check out her blog and congratulate her! Also remember to keep Gifts of Joy bookmarked! Beautiful Jewelry- great cause! Doesn’t get much better than that!

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23 thoughts on “Like The Outsiders, only different…

  1. Great photos Myst!! Jenna had one of her senior photos taken on the railroad tracks and I thought that was so original of her photographer! I love, love grafitti!! I wish that I could draw/write grafitti!!

  2. Look at your new site. Girl goes missing for a couple of weeks and you redo the whole place. I feel like I should have brought a housewarming gift with me! ;)Love the pictures on the train tracks. I love trains and the sounds of trains. Reminds me of the country.

  3. wait, didn’t I just visit here and you had a new post with new photos, other than these ones, or am I going delirious from my lack of sugar and junk food intake???so confused right now :)

  4. I love your pic’s. What a fun weekend. So glad to hear that your car is fixed, and your computer is new and improved. There is nothing like being stuck with no car AND having a broken computer.

  5. When we were driving home from the beach this weekend I saw a field of wildflowers that were so pretty. I wanted to stop to take pictures, but thought everyone would think I was nuts and so we didn’t. Now that I see your great pics, I wish we would have. :(

  6. Pretty photos. Sorry I haven’t been around much to comment lately! We had a productive long weekend as well.. gardening. assembling things.

  7. awesome! I love the location tooo… I’m too much of a chicken to hit up any railroad tracks… I need to work on that :D …but fried green tomatoes keeps playing in my head

  8. ok, i had a good boredom day at work today and i’ve been aching to catch up on your blog since we haven’t had email at our home for a couple of months now. just in case this helps, our life is just as sucky right now – you’re not alone.

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