Coming Attractions…

– Rainy Day in May- May giveaway!!! (It’s a good one, so tune it…)
– An incredible, new look!
– News about the projects I’ve got going on…
– Pictures! Gen’s recent 9 year old photos… Family shots from the holiday, etc…
– Reviews… It’s a month full of film exclusives and screenings! Yay for the start of summer movies…
– Less whining…
– Less allergy induced headaches (hopefully!)
– Updates on the visit with my mom, who will be here tomorrow…
– My begging and pleading for your help in regards to a VERY special project. I’ve got one word for you: HOME. So ponder this, and wait for further instruction… :)

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18 thoughts on “Coming Attractions…

  1. Farm Chick says:

    So you took a break to decorate, eh? I am so jealous. I think I say that in every comment I leave you. Is there a JealousyAnnon?I just love your layout~everything about it is super cute.I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve…

  2. Debra says:

    I don’t know what you have going on here at “Rainy Day in May” but I’m lovin’ it … simply lovin’ it!It fits you perfectly and I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us all …. and I must say that the simple word of “home” will keep me awake tonight … but I’m always willing to help you girlie!And tell Nora that I’ll be calling to give her the reminder about her bed time! She needs to go to bed so we can talk … I thought you would flip about lost (not about Jacob and not about Jack’s dad being alive and there cause I always kinda suspected that, I mean-he was walking all over the island….) I just didn’t see the part of Claire being there coming – did you? (ugh-you probably did…you know, I’m always the clueless one!) Love you Misty Mae!

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