Kissing your toes, pleading for forgiveness…

The saddest thing of all bloggy things, which could have possibly happened, has happened- to me.

Let me explain.
I have a deep and passionate relationship with Google Reader. He isn’t perfect, but where true love and commitment are concerned, it’s for better or worse, right?
Well, GR and I have a system. He shows me whose posted, I click on the post and then head back to him for his next suggestion. In essence, I have about 25 tabs open at a time. It works really well, because then, as I close each tab upon reading, the next one is there waiting.

Until, the power goes out. (apparently there was a power line on fire somewhere. Likely story Idaho Power…)
So, I deeply apologize. I just got my computer back up after hours and hours of being down due to Idaho Power’s completely lame excuse… I had to head over here first as, a commitment is a commitment. (You should read it. It’s a true story… Then you should come back…)

Some things, (like bloggy mass confusion) power fruits just can’t help…
So, all of that to say- I’m sorry. I don’t know who I read, or who I didn’t. Something about the ensuing panic ridden moments which followed seams to have erased what I read. I am wiping my reader out and starting anew, as it is noon and I’ve accomplished nothing. (Thank you Idaho Power for your successful attempt at blog sabatoging, because we all know that’s what it was…) If I missed the greatest post of your blogging career, just tell me. I can take it…

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7 thoughts on “Kissing your toes, pleading for forgiveness…

  1. I pronounced my reader dead on Monday afternoon at 900+ unread posts.I unsubscribed from each blog and am now going on a you comment, I follow rule. Well, except for you and 20 others…you’ve got a place in my new reader ;)

  2. You might have missed the best blog ever – but it probably wasn’t on my page! Although – I do have a solution for rotten kids… come on over, I missed ya.

  3. I wanna get a google reader. How did I not know of such goodness?I am sorry I wasn’t the one with the sub-atomic-fire-ball-blog-of-amazingness, either.

  4. Didn’t miss me . . . you don’t even know me. But, I’ve been reading some of your comments and decided to hop over. I HATE when this happens! I have a very similar system . . . you are sweet to let all your readers know. Most would just “mark all read” and move on.

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