List of reasons why I failed…


So it’s not a list. I lied.
I have already failed NaBloPoMo horribly, why in the world would I subject myself to it’s chains of bloggy bondage by continuing to sacrifice myself by pelting out lists which were, in all honestly, annoying the crap out of me.
There, I’ve said it.
Me… The compulsive list maker, annoyed by lists. Call the irony police- the end of the world must be approaching. As Chw would say (quite gleefully, I might add) “This is more of a miracle then flying pigs.” But really, I have to pause and wonder- “who would care if pork suddenly became airborne? I mean, really… Fowl flies, some fish apparently fly. Why not pork. Heck, let beef get in on the movement…
So yes, after a recklessly drunken weekend (of absolutely NO drinking on my part, or Chw’s for that matter as he doesn’t drink) I felt completely hung over and sluggish both weekend days. Denae’s somewhat-surprise party on Friday night went well. It was loads of fun and somewhere along the line I got over my fear of doing stupid cranium challenges in front of complete strangers. They say alcohol gives you that kind of courage, maybe that one friend of hers who did drink (because he WAS the only one) somehow freed my inhibitions. Who knew… For years I’ve been holding back thinking I was the one who was supposed to get drunk. Ha!
Saturday night my friend Dandy had a party and so I was off to that too… That’s me, the social butterfly. Sunday afternoon, after a trip to see Horton Hears a Who and then a knock-down-drag-out fight with Chw (not literally, but OHHHH, I felt like knocking him down!) my friend Tenille and her kiddos came over. All in all, it was a great weekend. Lots of sleep, still flat-out exhausted. I blame all of the lists… There is no one else.
And gosh, I am 2 days behind on my blog-March-giveaway. Wanna know something else? I don’t want to decide right now! (can you feel the ripples of shock cascading through the inter-verse???) So, Thursday morning I will post the winner. That means you have until Wed. night to enter here if you haven’t! ok???

17 thoughts on “List of reasons why I failed…

  1. ugh. I get what you mean about bloggy bondage. ONe reason i didnt try it agian. Too much pressure for me :) have a great day and thanks for the sweet comments!

  2. It only takes one drunk person in the room for everyone else to lose their inhibitions. It’s true. I think there have been studies about it and everything. :-)

  3. GM~ i know this now… Being that I am a quiet girl when i don’t know everyone, and it takes me awhile to get comfy, I think I may just start frequenting parties where drunk folks linger…

  4. Oh My GOODNESS….we just got back from seeing Horton and then I read your post (did you like it btw?) and I was having flashbacks to my absolutely favorite part in the movie when you said you are a social BUTTERFLY…..LOL….I love it when the little thing (not remembering her name) says, “on my speck people would eat rainbows and poop butterflies” LOL!!!!!!!!!!sorry I just love that part :)

  5. I loved you lists – they were beyond awesome, but I can believe you are growing a little tired of them. I dropped out of NaBloPoMo after two days – I can’t commit to anything – not even weekly meme thingys. Anyway! Glad to see you writing in paragraphs again!

  6. I’m feeling a bit hung-over myself this morning, tho’, like you, didn’t have anything to drink last night. Could it be an evening of flipping back and forth between “The Bachelor” and “The Medium” does that to Me? I usually like “Medium” and Patricia Arquette, but was a little bored last night and decided that watching “The Bachelor” at the same time was a swell idea. What a stupid show! What shameless hussies! Now there was some drinking!I’m going to go have a cuppa coffee. You, girl, take a breather. It will all keep. :)

  7. I wear myself out of those NaBlo’s too! They are exhausting and then I find myself not wanting to blog at all afterwards. Maybe they are not always such a good thing. :P You did well while you could… kudos for that!

  8. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but THANK GOODNESS! The lists were kind of annoying me because I really like your writing, and it was getting hidden in the bondage of rules. Yay! You’re back!

  9. Sometimes things are no longer fun because you’re “required” to them. I was actually a little confused by the lists because at one point earlier this month, I had marked everything in my reader as read so I wasn’t sure what was going on.

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