This is some kind of a blog record! First I post about the truly beautiful beads I received from Groovy Mom but now I get to post about this incredibly sweet award! She rocks. Truly… She is awesome. Read her. Get to know her… 

Go. Now. I’ll wait. 
Ok. Are you back? Well that’s not all… Go here:Girlymom4 because she is also completely awesome! (and not because she gave me the award too, but because she really is so kind and thoughtful and wonderful. you should read her too! 
I will still be here when you get back… 

With this truly beautiful award comes an original Meme, (because Groovy Mom is original and cool, but I feel I may have already conveyed this point so I will cease to push my case.) 
1. What is something you have learned in the last 6 months?
wow… That I am capable of being alone. That I am as independent as I hoped I was. That I am stronger than I thought I was, and that it’s never too late to go back and love some one… 

2. Name the last food you tried for the very first time. Did you like it?
I try a lot of new recipes, but as for an entirely new food- I don’t know. 

3. If money, time, responsibilities, and obligations were not considerations what would your life look like right this minute?

I would spend a portion of each day barefoot on a shoreline. I’d write from my veranda as the sunset over the coast. My dogs would run proudly with sticks along the earthy wall of the sea. I’d serenade the waves with the Cello, cook food for my family with top of the line EVERYTHING from ingredients to appliances and never have to clean a thing again. 

4. Working within your limitations what things could you do to create some of the feelings you would expect to have if you were living your dream life?
Now this is a tricky question… I guess, never lay my head down at night without knowing that I lived that day as best I could. To seize every peaceful moment I can and steal away to the sea whenever earthly possible! 

5. Is there a current goal on which you are working?
There are a ton. Have you not seen my goal list? 

6. What is one thing you could get up and do right this minute to put you closer to your goal?
Put on a scrunchy and go introduce myself to my sewing machine. Then again, it’s 11 and that might piss my family off a bit. 

7. Is there something stopping you from doing that one thing right this second?
Three sleeping people… I suck :) 

And now I need to pass on this green & yellow square of bliss & sunshine to five blogs who brightem my daily world and make me smile! There are so many… 

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  1. Misty!Thank you so much!…{I am supposed to be cooking dinner right now and I’m so distracted by this!}I love this meme. I wish I could just think the answers onto the screen because I answered it all as I read it but I have to go feed people. (they get so testy when I don’t)Thank you again! I will do this one tonight hopefully.Melissa~Pink Paper Peppermints

  2. Hi there Misty –Thanks so much for passing on the beeyootifull blog award. :) I dropped down the rabbit hole last week and need to climb back out — a cheery award and some cool new blogs to visit will be just the thing! Love your answers to the questions. I haven’t played cello since the 5th grade, but I would love to have my own cello and relearn how to play. John Holt says it’s “Never Too Late”. :)

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