10 & MPM…

There are frozen foods to that, meals to plan, laundry to get caught up on and birthday gifts to buy! So much to do this week that my head is spinning and growing dizzy from it all! (and nope, the dizziness likely has nothing to do with the fact that both of my ears are plugged due to allergies and so my equal librium may be compromised!)

In other news, we did not win the Idaho Powerball amount. So sad. We had such honorable plans for the money too. Normally we don’t play, but when it’s over 200 Million, we sort of feel required to. Ya know? Like, it’s our civic duty…
Oh well…
Today’s list is, in honor of being great big Lottery losers- What we’d do if we won…
1) Buy a sensible, but cute, house.
2) Buy my mom a small house and move her here.
3) Pay off Chris’s parents house.
4) Pay off my car and give it away, give Chw’s car away and buy him a small truck and me an xterra.
5) go on a nice, stress free vacation.
My husband the work-a-holic wants to keep his job (he announces, because you know this is never going to happen so let’s be totally practical about it! LOL) I said I wanted the majority of the rest of it to be divided between investments and a series of accounts… An acct. for Genny; an account with X amount automatically deposited for us, monthly; and that sort of account for my mom. Her health isn’t good and she wouldn’t have to work again. We would probably, at some point, adopt another child.
You know, because it’s never going to happen- but it doesn’t hurt to dream!
Back in the early stages of our marriage, we spent hours planning out our lottery winnings (which we didn’t play because we were dirt poor)… Those were some of the best times from those years. Funny how dreaming is such a beautiful thing. So hopeful and Whimsical…


Monday– Pork Chops with Sage Sauce, Williams Sonoma Cheddar Chive potatoes and steamed Broccoli

TuesdayPioneer Woman’s chicken Spaghetti, salad

Wednesday– Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

Thursday– Shredded Beef Enchilada’s & Spanish Salad

Friday– Morning Star Farms Grillers, homemade mac & Cheese, steamed peas

21 thoughts on “10 & MPM…

  1. Sorry for your loss on the $200 million. I don’t play either, but you never know, you might win one day!I love your menu for the week. Looks YUMMY! Have you been doing MPM for long? I just started today/this week!

  2. Em- I have… I am anal that way, though sometimes I forget to post it. I keep it hanging on my fridge :) BBM~ I know, I’m sorry. Be sure, if that blessed day does occur- that I will shower you with blessings. Maybe a new bunny WITH ears :) Melissa~ exactly! Like retail therapy without spending any money!

  3. i just noticed in your profile that one of your favorite books is she’s come undone by wally lamb…that is my favorite book plue the other one by him…and a third is due soon…=) i just love him!

  4. great list of things to do with lotto winnings.hmm, I haven’t done a mealplan monday in months. Maybe I should get back to it. You’re inspiring me. :)

  5. Appreciate that you have listed my meals for the week. Go easy on the hot sauce, though. Please deliver about 5:30-ish. Sorry about the lottery. I would do much of what you listed with family and stuff – for myself, it would be a very funky run down cottage on cliff tops on the central Oregon Coast that I would shabby chic/cottage decor the heck out of and a 1954 to 1956 Dodge pickup, all original with a bit of chippy paint to park in the driveway. Yeah, baby.

  6. I’ve got to try that chicken spaghetti sometime – I hear it’s delicious!Sorry about the lottery loss – guess the good news is you get to keep dreaming! : )

  7. Honey and I often dream of what we would do with that kind of money. We play when it hits $100 million. Because, really, any less than that just won’t get done what we want to do! I would buy one of those Town & Country minivans – brand new with all the bells and whistles.

  8. I’m the same way! We never play the lottery, but when it gets to be over a certain amount, I buy tickets and we spend the next few days dreaming.It’s as if we’re going to win it and we’d better start planning it now! It’s great fun. Till we don’t win and we sulk around for a few minutes and get on with life at hand :)

  9. Is there such a thing as a stress free vacation after kids? The last time I remember a stress free trip, it was our honeymoon. It takes monumental planning to take the kids, it takes monumental planning to leave them home!

  10. Kysha~ Balsamic vinegar,homemade chicken stock & freshly ground sage in a skillet. (6 T, 1/3 c, 3 T.) Once boiling, Whisk in 2 T unsalted butter… Once butter is melted, it’s ready to be lightly poured on pork… It was amazing! :)

  11. I don’t know ladies… Money can buy a lot of massages and a fair amount of liqour so- should stress arise, I think I could handle it :) (but in all truthfullness, Genny is GREAT on vacation and they are usually pretty stress free.)

  12. Does your list really say “HOMEMADE chicken pot pie”????? How I envy you! I love homemade chicken pot pie… although Marie Callendar makes a mean pot pie nothing beats homemade!

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