It’s 5:30 in the morning, and I finally put my book down and turned off my sconce at 1. Suffice it to say: not a good sleep night. I struggled and tossed and turned. Partly due to allergies, and partly due to things on my mind…

We went to a birthday party last night. It was the first kid’s birthday Costume party I’ve ever been to. What fun! Genny had a blast and came away a happy girl. While there we met a wonderful fellow mom who gives music lessons. She is willing to sell, barter, etc. Somehow- during the conversation- Genny decided she is going to learn to play the flute, guitar and piano and that that she will be cleaning this woman’s house in trade.
Who am I to argue with sacrifice and ambition? :)

Instead of boring you with an entire post on the heavy burdens impairing my sleep, I will attempt the “two birds/one blog post” thing and use ’em as today’s list. Don’t forget my March give-away! 6 days left!!!

– My little “sister” has met her birth father- or will today. She is the girl who, still at 28, desperately aches for parents to parent her. She is the no boundary girl who continually places her hopes and dreams upon the shoulders of one person… I hate to see her crushed yet again.
– My hubby and I have been sharing one car for a week now as the brakes went out in his. What happened though, was Michigan left it’s generous mark on his car and the entire wheel assembly was rusted out and a mess. (Thanks, Michigan!) Unfortunately, he’d already pulled the brakes and stuff off so it falls on him to repair the heap on jacks, in our garage.
– I have had an ongoing Migraine for a week. I know it’s allergy stuff but it is complicating my life something fierce.
– I have this beautiful person in my life whom I love with my entire heart and being. I am seeing her heart be broken, and it’s truly a long break that’s been occurring for years. As time moves on, it’s no longer appropriate for me to jump in and fix things (or attempt to) and the reality of the entire situation is a really painful one for my heart.
– Gen’s party is in a couple of weeks and I always worry about how those things turn out. At least this year’s is easy going.
– My husband’s family. I don’t know how to help him not be hurt by them… I can point out truths, and he sees them, but he still gets hurt and it brakes my heart. I know he thought living her permanently would make things different, but it doesn’t.
– Huge zit coming in. Hurts. A lot. I am not much of a zit-getter so I am entitled to be a huge baby about this. :)
– My dog ate a hockey puck from our air hockey table. A) I am worried about her system. B) We are ticked at her because she also chewed up the triangle thing from the pool table. GRRRR!!!!!!!
– And lastly- When we moved in to this house, we knew that there were several sex offenders living a half a mile from our house. together. With Chw still mostly being in Michigan, at that time, I rationalized a reason for their living arrangement with something that would still allow me to sleep at night. Well, Oddly enough, Chw works with their next door neighbor and now we know the truth. Halfway house, of non-reformed perpetrators. These people aren’t rehabilitated…
So, last night we come home from the costume party with this masked guy air boxing in the middle of the street. Chw pointed out later that he was likely exercising- which is probably the truth- but it made me realize how “on edge” I am about all of this.
Education is awareness and I’d rather know they are there than not know… And at least I don’t live next door- like the people with two small daughters do- but still…

That’s my current list of worries… Have a great Saturday, ya’ll! I’ll be back listing tomorrow.

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  1. um, aren’t those hockey puck things kinda big? how on EARTH did your dog manage that?i know its hard to watch someone get hurt by their family. my husband does it with me. i get so upset at what is ‘typical’ behavior and he always says ‘why are you so surprised!?! he always does this!!’ and i say something like, ‘it still hurts, though.’i swear i revert to being 12 around my family.

  2. Yes, you have plenty worth worrying about keeping you awake, but it still isn’t any fun. *hugs* I wish you weren’t so far away cause I’d love to sit down and have a cuppa with ya!

  3. GM~ i think that’s it exactly… I feel so bad for him, and maybe I am the same way but see it less in myself. I should ask him. Maybe I am just better at hiding my feelings. and yeah. They are. She is part lab and has already eaten (and passed) so pretty big things.

  4. Jenni~ you too??? They are attempting to pass a law here in Idaho that they can’t live together. Which is good, I guess. I don’t care if they live together, can’t it just be some remote location surrounded by a wire fence?

  5. Misty — Are you able to look up the nature of their offense? I ask because, here at least, a sex offender can be a child predator, or a number of other things such as an adult male who has dated an underage girl. I remember, a while back, hearing this story about an 18yo male who had dated a 16yo and was convicted of statutory rape (having sex with a minor). Now he has to register as a sex offender. I’d rather have that guy down the street than a child predator.

  6. We have several in our neighborhood too. What makes me crazy is you can’t find a neighborhood where there aren’t any, unless you live in a place with no neighbors. I would be on edge too, but you’re right, knowing is better.

  7. Oh sweetie! I really feel for you. I’m a worrier too. I spent Thursday getting taken back and forth to my doctor’s office for doses of Dilaudid for a migraine. I never sleep. I worry about EVERYTHING! I even have a rotten dog too! Maybe it will make you feel better to know you’re not alone. Actually, you’ll probably just start worrying about ME!

  8. when i can’t sleep, i take a suppliment of melatonin (which is what you are lacking in your body when you can’t sleep) and it works wonders. and since it’s natural and not addictive, it’s one less thing to worry about…. (you can find it in the vitamin or sleep-aid section)

  9. momo~ I may end up worrying about you. It’s likely… Or probable… Just know that the next time you are back tracking, second guessing or stuck- that there is someone in Idaho sick to death about it!

  10. Wow, no wonder your head hurts. That’s a lot of stuff to think about. Especially the sex offender thing. Thankfully, most of the ones in our area are several miles away but I’m still paranoid sometimes when the girls are outside for long chunks of time. I make sure they stay where I can see them, which makes me feel better.

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