Things got a little better yesterday, but for us it was just a Monday- all around…

I’m working on getting the giveaway up here. It’s pretty cool, I’m excited!
In leu of the excitement NOT happening here this morning, I am focussing on the things I need to get done and decided- in an effort at practicality- to make that today’s list:
– Do March Calendar details with Genny.
– Begin our study on Women’s History (Since it is Women’s History Month)
– Bake turn overs for my father in law.
– Art with Gen.
– Clean my living room & Vacuum.
– Answer email and catch up on Google Reader.
– Make lunch.
– Clean off the cookbooks (from meal planning) stacked on my kitchen table.
– Empty the dishwasher.
– Fold Laundry throughout the day (With Gen’s help as my wrist is a mess)
– Watch a short movie with Gen for “Down time”.
– Put laundry away.
– Straighten the chaos that was once the office/classroom.
– Call my sister (That’s an easy 2 hours, right though.)
– Clean my bedroom/bathroom.
– Make dinner for family & In-laws coming over.
– Long hot bath, reading and bed by 10…

7 thoughts on “4…

  1. And who says SAHM moms aren’t very busy? Your list is WAY long… and I could/would never get all that accomplished in one day! It wore me out just reading it, so I decided to lay on the couch and rest! ;o)

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