NaBloPoMo’s March challenge is a month of posts about lists. Being that I am incredibly anal and obsessively organized- the idea of blogging an entire month of lists sounds heavenly… But doing such a joyous act every day in the month that I celebrate my birthday is like some amazingly gracious gift from the Internet Gods…

Before day one’s exciting list commences- however- I want to remind you again that it is a new month…
That means a new give away!!!
I am ironing the details out and by mid next week I will have them up…
And now for the list…
Things I Can’t Get Enough of:
– Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten Line at Steve & Barrys.
– C.O. Bigelow’s Lemon line at Bath & Body Works.
– Starbuck’s Shaken Iced Green Tea
– Fabric.com
– Nexxus Curl Enhancing mousse
– Puffs Plus Vicks
A Fin Frenzy (band)
– our local Chinese Restaurant

5 thoughts on “1…

  1. Heather says:

    Hmmmm, inpiration for a month of posts…and in my birthday month as well…well I think I might just join you my dear lady!Now on to a list this 1st day of March I must go…

  2. True_Floridian Momma says:

    I love reading your lists because they always inspire me or give me new places to look for fun things. IE: fabric.comI didn’t know her Bitten line was at Steve & Barney’s. I’ve been looking online for it. Have you purchased from it? do you like the quality?

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