And the winner is…

Now that I have completed another one of my 92 personal goals for the year, and watched the films nominated for Academy Awards, I thought that I would give a little opinion on each, as well as my predictions…

Lead Actor– I do believe it will be Daniel Day Lewis. It should be. George Clooney was wonderful too, but DDL was far superior… 
Supporting Actor– I refuse to even pretend there are other options. Javier Bardem. Completely. Deservedly… And although he seems nice enough outside of the film, I would hate to find him in a room waiting… 
Actress in a Leading Role– I would love to see Ellen Page or Julie Christy win, though honestly it could be any of the five amazing women. 
Supporting Actress– Wow… several of these girls play naughty girls… I hope Amy Ryan gets it… But it could be because I HATED both Ronan & Swinton’s characters. 
Cinematography– Atonement
Directing– No Country for Old Men (close second would be Michael Clayton) 
Score– Atonement
Best Picture– No Country For Old Men (Close second= Atonement) 
Atonement- I went with no expectations. I left depressed. What I appreciated about the film was that it was true to life. Things don’t work out. It was tragically sad, but the sickest thing (to me) was the “act” of atonement… The acting was wonderful, the cinematography was amazing. I loved the alternate perspective scenes and found the score haunting. 
Juno– Don’t get me wrong, i LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. However, I don’t see that it is Oscar Worthy. I don’t understand how it got in to the running. Even though I don’t believe it stands a chance, I can say it is the movie I probably enjoyed the most out of the contenders. Oscar nominated films aren’t always good… This one is. :) 
Michael Clayton– This is a great film. Clever. Very Clever. More clever than I imagined it would be. Brilliantly clever with several scenes of dialogue which are sharp and impressive. 
No Country for Old Men– Truthfully one of the most intense film’s I’ve ever seen. I was glued to the edge of my seat and developing a tension headache as the madness played out. Not remotely close to my type of movie, I found it riveting and remarkable… UNTIL the end. Awkward… My friend and I discussed how the audience bursting out into laughter as the credits rolled likely wasn’t the response the creators of this drama sought. 
There will Be Blood– I simply don’t understand. The performances were amazing. The music was disturbing but I was willing to overlook that. The first 20 minutes (or so) of no dialogue was intriguing and the movie was truly wonderful until it reached near it’s halfway mark. The rest I simply don’t understand. At all. Near the end I just found myself weary of real life bowling and wanting to tell everyone i saw “you can’t shout at deaf people. They just don’t hear you!!!!” I just felt that someone needed to grasp this… 
So there we have it. My two cents… Have you seen them? Any of them? I would love your opinions! 

13 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Hi Misty — I am coming to the realization that I am not a “movie person”. I’m too willing to wait for the DVD, so that I can watch a movie at home. As a result, I have nothing to say about the Academy Award nominations. I (gulp) haven’t seen any of the nominated films. I will watch your blog for further news and opinions, since I am so woefully out of step!That said, I’m going to rent movies today! Mer’s still home with flu. I’ll probably get “Across the Universe”.

  2. The music in Across The Universe is so amazing. I’ve seen it twice. It’s very worth watching, and very beautifully made with the exception of one truly bizarre sequence of scenes… :)

  3. In all honesty, I haven’t seen any of these movies :)Michael Clayton just came out on “On Demand” so I will probably watch it there. The other two I want to see are Juno and Atonement. I love watching the Oscars, but never understand why some things win while others don’t ?? they often leave me confused :)I just watched Redition last night (I think that’s what it’s called) with Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gllyenal… was provoking and really good….have you seen it?talk to you soon, love ya, ang

  4. Hey thanks for watching all those so I can pick and choose from what you say. I definitely will check out Michael Clayton after reading your review.

  5. you guys all made me smile. About 5 years ago, I sat there watching the Academy Awards and decided I was tired of watching all of this acclaim go to movies I had never heard of. So i try to see them now… This is the first year I saw them all BEFORE the awards… So it’s my own thing, but I am a movie obsess-ant… I am not at all surprised that the majority of you have seen none of them. The Artsy movies have small audiences. If they weren’t nominated I wouldn’t have watched most of them either! :)

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