Sad day…

It was a really sad day. A sad day at home, a very hard day as a parent…

And then sad as a film lover.
It’s interesting to know that friend’s reach out to one another when a celebrity dies, but they do. We do… It’s strange to have your best friend phone from the other side of the country. I know that when Princess Diana was killed, the world felt as though it stopped spinning. I imagine to most people, especially those Christians who were disappointed in the making of the film Brokeback Mountain, that the passing of Heath Ledger isn’t of the same caliber. ***
To a film lover it could be…
When I started writing about films just over five years ago, I launched in with starry eyes. I giggled like a school girl at the thought of meeting “movie stars”. It took my first press junket and three interviews when I worked with Allied, to finally realize that there isn’t anything any different about them, than us. Sure, some of them are arrogant and entitled, but so are some of us.
From that point, attending interviews and screenings was a lot less intimidating. It was with a peaceful excitement that I planned my trip to Sundance this week. (which is now changed due to Home Schooling) In fact, I have a small list of people I would love to interview. People who I think are courageous or clever. People with insatiable talents.
Heath Ledger was on my list…
Not because he was beautiful, but because he was one of the few incredibly gifted actors in the industry. With his role as the Joker in the new Batman, we would have finally seen him cast in every type of role- and he could do them all wonderfully.
So, yes… I am sad. Sad at a missed opportunity, sad for his little girl to grow up with out her daddy. Sad for our industry…
This is just a tragic loss.
***(By this I am not intending, at all, to insult Believers. I am a Christian. Proudly so. And I know that it was mostly Christians who found it a tragedy that HL or JG would take the BM roles that they did. This isn’t intended to be a religious dispute, I am simply saying that there are people who are saddened and shocked by this, and people who aren’t due to their dislike of him since Brokeback. There are also a lot of people (my mother for one) who will say “Who is Heath Ledger???”… And so my point, in comparison to Diana was that everyone knew who she was, and found the news of her death shocking… But not to everyone, will this be equally as tragic. It was a simple statement and I apologize for any offense taken.)

24 thoughts on “Sad day…

  1. Misty,This is in no way to blast you, but I have to take a little exception with part of what you’ve said. You see, I am a Christian. While I didn’t care for the content of Brokeback Mountain, I am deeply saddened and shocked at the loss of Heath Ledger, more so than Princess Diana. I never followed royalty, but I do love movies, and Heath was an incredibly talented actor. I did not judge him by the roles he played, but by how well he played them, and he was top caliber. 10 Things I Hate About You, The Patriot, and A Knight’s Tale will always be some of my favorites. It’s unfortunate that you felt inclined to poke at Christians in this broad-based way. If/when Elton John dies, I’m not going to crow about it because he’s gay, I’ll be sorry for the loss of a musical talent (just to use one example.)

  2. wendy, I wrote to you about this… But i wasn’t making fun of Christians. I am a Believer and very proud of my faith. I wasn’t saying that Christians wouldn’t care because he took that role. I simply said that, with the exception of those Christians, (not ALL Believers) because I could name a few dozen Christians that I know personally would completely discounted everyone correlated with that film and now feels disgust when they see them… In the same way that there are loads of people boycotting Nicole Kidman because of her role in the Golden Compass. It’s silly, to me… I will add a sentence so that the heart of what I meant will be clearer…

  3. Thanks Misty, like I said, I didn’t want to come across as blasting you, and I appreciate the explanation (here and via email). I agree, there are some people that go too far in their reactions to actors who choose “controversial” (for lack of a better word) roles. I never have a problem with them, myself. I’ll miss Heath Ledger’s talent, and I’ll still enjoy Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. And I still enjoy your blog, too. :)

  4. It was amazing how quickly this spread… I got e-mails, texts, facebook message updates and bulletin wall postings. Since 10 Things I Hate About You, I’ve loved him. This is amazingly sad and total senseless. Whats with the overdoses?

  5. My daughter, Meredith , is really looking forward to the Batman movie with Heath Ledger as the Joker. She and I were shocked and sad to see the news on AOL yesterday. So sad. So young, a father. Such promise as an actor.Another take on the Christian thang:We’re Quakers. (That is, myself, my parents, my grandmother was, greatgrandmother, etc.) Love is love, you know? In the Richmond (VA) Quaker meeting, there are many same-sex couples. The meeting even performs weddings for same-sex couples, although the marriages are not recognized by our state. Most people would call Quakers Christians. Although, maybe some Christians would call Quakers sinners. What a world, what a world, Dorothy. :/I, for one, like a movie that teaches us something about love. “Brokeback Mountain” did that.

  6. It is really sad – especially for his little girl who no longer has her daddy. It is really unfortunate that this happened to such a talented person. Hopefully some other really talented people in Hollywood will see this as a wake-up call and get their own acts together.I’m a Christian and I saw Brokeback Mountain and thought it was a fantastic movie. Clearly not in line with the teaching of the Bible, but how many movies are? If you stop watching movies and tv because they don’t agree with your religion, politics, whatever – there not going to be much left for you to watch. And, frankly, you will probably be a tad out of touch with the rest of the world.

  7. I was so saddened by the news of Heath’s death. He was a beautiful young man with an amazing talent for acting. I saw Brokeback Mountain in the theater and hated it because I couldn’t understand anything he said the whole movie, and was so disappointed as I’d heard how great it was… then 2 years later, I decided to give it another chance and rented the DVD and put the subtitles on so I could understand him… WOW… I cried my eyes out. I felt like I *was* Ennis… because I completely related to his character, and having to give up your own dreams and desires for the sake of what’s “right”.A sad day, indeed.

  8. The first thing I thought when I heard it on the news was, doesn’t he have a little kid? Whether he killed himself or his death was accidental, either way it will be a huge blow to that poor child. A 2-year-old girl needs her Daddy. It is especially sad if he killed himself, though. I can’t imagine how anyone with a young child could do that.

  9. Because they mentioned nothing about his death on Noggin (duh!), I didn’t know anything about it until this morning. I am so sad. While I personally wasn’t interested in seeing Brokeback Mountain, I respected him for his enormous talent and courage in taking on roles he believed in…in spite of how the public may or may not accept his choice. The film community has truly suffered a great loss. Such a senseless tragedy. `

  10. laura~ I had no problems with the movie. I have seen it a few times and still think that it’s cinematography is one of a kind. I do understand what you are saying… And hey, we are all sinners… I had no idea that there were areas of quakerism which ackowledged same sex union! this really intrigued me!

  11. girlymama~ you are exactly right. I’ve gotten to where I notice the things which truly offend me (extremely graphic violence or sustancial (realistic) gore) and I don’t watch those… We all have to make those choices for ourselves. I’ve seen it several times and think it’s a very well done, at times incredibly beautiful, movie…

  12. Maggie~ I laughed out loud at your comment! I had forgotten Ennis’ “talk”. Yes, I too had difficulty understanding. When I was finally able to watch it at home, (saw it in the theatre first) I had to continue pausing it and reflecting… “What???” HA… heartbreakingly sad…

  13. fraulein, I have no idea. I know a few people who have and I have never understood it. There is nothing more selfish… but I’d like to believe (and it doesn’t sound like it is) that this isn’t that case…

  14. I was SHOCKED to hear about it. I am really really sad for his family and his little girl. He was so young and had so much going for him.Brokeback Mtn was one of my all time favorite movies, he was incredible in it.Thanks for the post and sorry that people took offense. I know you didn’t mean to include every single Christian on the planet with your statement, but that you meant it as a general consensus.

  15. Even nearly a full day later, I’m still saddened about the news. 10 Things I Hate about You really is one of my top 2 favorite movies (I can’t decide if Matrix should be #1 or 10 Things). It’s so terrible, no matter what the circumstances turn out to have been.

  16. We are shocked and saddened too. What a loss.(If this wasn’t a sad post…which it is…I would be teasing you that I think I know what your super power is…When you cheer up, I might tell you. Until then, HUGS)

  17. What a terrible loss to the acting community. He took on darker roles and I loved that about him. Reminded me of a younger Johnny Depp. So, so sad for Michelle Williams and his daughter Matilda.

  18. I agree with all your sentiments – I was just browsing about on the internet last night when I saw the newsflash and it made my heart shudder… and this is odd since I went to a funeral yesterday – perhaps it just brought that life lived well and lost too….

  19. Misty, I am saddened by it as well. I didn’t even see Brokeback Mountain, but I did hear about what a fantastic acting job he did in the movie.I think the only movie I’ve seen with him in it was The Patriot. However, I know just by reading gossip mags (my guilty pleasure…) that he and Michelle (I forgot her last name) did their best to keep their child out of the limelight and just be normal people! That, in itself, gains my respect. I am mourning the loss of a great talent at such a young age, and the loss of a father for a young child.

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