I love hosting this give away.
I love it!
The most annoying thing, (well, the ONLY annoying thing) seems to be that my link on the main site is messed up and it automatically links back to a post in December. I have NO idea why, but I have TONS of comments there, and on my giveaway post.

However, here is the thing…
I love doing this giveaway!
I love it!
(is this sounding repetitive yet?)

I was telling my wonderful husband all about it, last night, and although he was less thrilled than I was- he thought it sounded cool. I told him that these carnivals are something which seem to happen quarterly. (I couldn’t be sure, as I am new to this whole blog carnival thing, but the word on the cyber street was that this was a regular occurrence.)
Anyway, he shocked me by saying: Why stop there? Why only 4 a year?
And he is right!
So, I thought about this…
And thought.
And I decided that I am going to do a give-away a month! (at least for 2008)
And, because I am feeling completely narcissistic, I will be giving away something which fits into my “favorite things” category!
So… Because February is literally, right around the corner, I am going to take a couple of days to figure out the perfect February favorite- and on Friday (February 1st) I will let you know!

But don’t forget my current giveaway which is technically the January Favorite!!!!

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