Because it’s the best thing EVER…

I love this video…
Far too much…
The very beautiful girl in this little movie is very dear to my heart. I have known her since she was a wee little girl, in pre-school or kindergarten. She is an amazing girl who brings me a lot of inspiration…
Anyway, I do love this video.
It’s a favorite.
My daughter adores it and constantly (for months now) has asked me to watch, and watch, and watch it…
So, I am blogging it…
It will make your wednesday shine…

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  1. This is just darling, thanks for sharing it. I’ve had a great time poking around your blog for the last hour, so I’m very glad that you stopped in on mine with the randomizer and decided to say hello! Anyway, you were in a pickle because you were having trouble adding me to Google reader. I don’t use it myself so I can’t promise miracles, but my blog address is:http://fortunatemimicry.blogspot.comAnd, if you go here: should get the option to add me to Google reader. I think. I hope. At least possibly. Regardless, I’m thrilled to meet someone with whom I can agonize in a “what were we thinking?” way over the foolishness of joining all of the NaNos and PoMos we could possibly find! Because really, what WERE we thinking? ;p

  2. So I’m clearly a wildly cynical person…I thought it was leading up to them driving each other crazy and trying to strangle each other at the end or something. This way is much cuter!

  3. super cute– I hope you are not still cleaning up puke! I have to say if that is really her husband – he is one tolerant guy- to make that video and be so “happy” cheesy in it! Thanks- it made me think about r and me and that’s all stuff we do– only I am the one that kills spiders! :)

  4. Christy~ he is her husband. Actually, i am quite jealous because, from what I have seen, he is one of those really cheesy/animated/fun guys… *sigh*…

  5. That is adorable!!!! Love it!! You make me smile! :) I am failing miserably on my Bible reading lately…got any suggestions? I was doing really well for about 3 months…Sending hugs!!!Tam

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