Just when November 5th rolled around and I started to question my bloggable content, I was tagged over at mellow cotton and *whew* what a relief! So, here are the rules… (you should pay attention to them because, really, what if I tag you???)

A) Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog…

B) Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself…

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1) The very first, “from scratch” recipe that I ever made Chris was fried chicken. We were boarding with a wonderful woman who had MS and she was determined to teach this young bride to cook. She sat in her sweet little chair instructing me on what to mix with what, and how to do it. My husband had boarded with her in high school and raved about what a wonderful cook she was so this seemed like a fantastic idea to me! However, after 4 hours of those little chicken pieces dancing around in oil and them still being as bloody as a newly severed artery, I gave up. I swore I would never cook from scratch again!

2) I adore pink grapefruit juice!!!

3) I now love to cook and have well over 60 wonderful cook books! My favorites are those put out by Chronicle Books and Williams Sonoma.

4) I have semi- secret dreams of being an esthetician because I love giving facials almost as much as I love getting them done.

5) I used to play the piano. Rather than being fluent at everything, I picked and chose challenging pieces that I mastered…

6) The very top thing on my Christmas wish list is a framed photograph of a man holding an umbrella while standing at the top of a hill covered in red poppies. It’s extraordinary!

7) In my own life, I am not much of a crier. That being said, show me a slightly sad/sappy/happy/endearing movie trailer and I ball like a baby. Sit me down in front of an Ellen episode where a sad story, amazing survivor or silly give away happens and I tear up like an absolute buffoon…

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11 thoughts on “Taggage…

  1. I remember you playing piano. That music box song. Beautiful. Also the Fur Elise song. ha! your piano barely fit in your apartment. Wow, that was a long time ago! We are old! (and because of you I now too love Chronicle books in a pathetic and addicted way. Thank you ver much!)

  2. oh my – I am #7 too! Never, ever cryabout real life. But give me a good sappy commercial and I’m a mess!!!!(My kids fav movie right now is Bambi. BAMBI! Pass the tissues.)

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