extra shallow post…

Well, it’s 4 p.m. on Saturday.
I held off posting this morning, as I read through my favorite blogs, because I didn’t feel I had much which was post worthy…
My friday night was spent with friends, eating food, laughing and watching old and new home videos. It was wonderfully homey…
But this morning, as I groggily sat reading what appeared on my laptop screen, I realized that my sink full of still dirty dishes (yuck) and the home made blueberry muffins baking in the oven were hardly content enough for a blog…

I made it through a shower, a rush birthday gift search at Target, (Which resulted in several dresses and a new coat for Genny) I took her to her new “BFF” Anna’s birthday party and then headed to downtown Boise to see Lars and the Real Girl.

And I am glad I waited to blog…
Because I would have come home and blogged about it anyway…
Because, that film is really blog worthy…

Really wonderful movie… Everyone should see this movie.
Go… No Excuses.
Unless it isn’t playing near you, which is pretty likely.

So, my random Saturday shallow high and lowlights are this:

High: Most definatly Lars and the Real Girl

Low: That NBC took all of their SNL clips off of YouTube…

Categories: entertainment


  1. WHAAAAT?! No SNL on YouTube?No Justin Timberlake singing to us about “bring it on down to Homelessville?” No Target Lady? No “D*ck in a Box?!” No Prince Show?I am sad. Very sad. My MySpace page will be bare of things that make me laugh. (But I am happy you saw a good movie!)

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