I believe in fairy tales…

I think there is something about fall which stimulates my visual/audio senses…
(Actually, all of my senses, I guess. The autumn air smells and feel better than that of any other season. )
But I have to take a minute to say it:

– I love fall tv. (The Office tonight!!!)
– And the promise of decent films in the theatre as the Idaho Film Festival gets underway (hurrah!) and Oscar season approaches.
– I hold Ellen DeGenerous completely responsible, but i LOVE the new Kanye West single… And the new Britney single (gasp… I am not a britney lover but man, can a girl move to that song…)
– every kind of music, these days, sounds clearer and more invigorating! (must be a Fall thing)
– Heroes was flat out, fantastic. (despite having to watch it online because my DVR became obstinant)
– I have loved it for over a year, but never grow tired of the song FIREFLIES by Faith Hill. It’s definatly a girl song, if you don’t know it- hear it… Escpecially those of us with little girls. Truly lovely song!

And, lastly, the number one reason I love Fall: CHRISTMAS SHOPPING BEGINS! :)

(Oh yes, and Genny has settled on Wednesday Adams as her Halloween Costume aspiration. Bekah is going with her, as Morticia Adams… These girls…)

13 thoughts on “I believe in fairy tales…

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall too!! One of my favorites, definately. I love the apple orchard, apple cider, changing leaf colors (I really missed this) camping, I don’t know about the Christmas shopping thing yet, but more power to ya girl!!I, too, LOVE the Faith Hill song Fireflies…..love it. I have it on my iPod and burned on a CD.I so wish you were closer because I could use a good movie buddy for the new movies coming out and of course the beauty of the TV premieres……have you gotten into Grey’s at all? I just watched Private Practice last night along with Dirty Sexy Money, how about you?

  2. You know? I was in there with you through every “bullet point” of fall – I love the new fall shows – I’ve become a Ellen fan – I love love love the Kanye song and then you hit Christmas shopping and my heart just dropped! Ugh ….The good news? I still love you!

  3. ang~ Nope, no grey’s and wasn’t at all intrested in PP or DSM, i did watch Cane on CBS though (repeats tomorrow) and LOVED it! Very Latin, i bet you would like it.

  4. Myst~ I did watch Cane, and yes I liked it…..I was switching between that and something else, but can’t remember now the other show….lolI wasn’t overly impressed with either of the other as well. PP was a downer, I’m hoping it gets better. However, I thought there was a HUGE Addison spot missing, which was a big bummer. I really liked Kate Walsh on Grey’s better, or as far as I can tell. DSM wasn’t overly impressive either I agree. The “cliffhanger” at the end was the only inticing part. Did you watch Big Shots? I am a HUGE Michael Vartan and the McDermott fan…..it was eh

  5. we loved heros and the office too. there is something definately addicting to both of those shows. also, i have recently started favoring fall as well and you definately set up a good case as to why everyone should!

  6. I thought I wasn’t going to like the new season of Heros. I was wrong. Those writers are amazing for that show.And when your standing under a tree with red and orange and gold leaves, and a crisp wind whispers through—the leaves jump, dance and fall all around you like butterflies…what isn’t magic about that?

  7. Egads! I feel so out of sink, I think I’ve seen Heros once but I just didn’t get it.Want to hear something spooky? I read this post a few days ago and Matt was standing right beside and he said “Mommy I love Fireflies”. We’ve never talked about them. I was so freaked out I asked him to repeat what he just said and asked how he knew about Fireflies. I never got a straight answer.

  8. I love fall too. Mainly becauseI am SICK of the hot weather!!! lolI adored Heroes too! Great beginning!I am a bit miffed though, I LOVED watching the Ellen show and now they don’t carry it on my local channels anymore. What is up with that???

  9. How great was the Office premiere? What a shocking moment when Michael ran into Meredith with his car! I think that show just gets better and better.

  10. I love fall TV too. I hope to post about it soon. Then you’ll know what I watch… How funny. I just added a comment on your myspace that says that I love the Kanye West single stronger too!

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