call me hypocrit…

I will admit it, I have spent each season of Dancing with the Stars, veering as far away from ABC as possible. I have mocked it, ridiculed it and even gone so far as to compare it to the modern day Hollywood Squares. During the first string of advertisements so many summers ago, I was certain it was a bomb.
But the world loves it…
And I just assumed that I was the last sane one standing… (well, me and all of the other smart people who boycott DWTS.)

Somewhere along the line though, post arm injury, I have had to rest a lot. While resting I have caught up on movies (Little Children, The Painted Vail, and a few others) watched some old cheesy favorites (Clueless, The Perfect Man.) and I have seen more television than I typically like.
Tonight I was sucked into the last 30 minutes of Dancing With the Stars…

Although I don’t think I could watch an entire season, I will admit I was fairly impressed. It is a little different than I thought I was and so, to everyone reading this, I retract my years of cynicism and negative remarks aimed at the show. They were uneducated words… To those of you who love the show as if it were ripped from your very own womb, I am sorry for hurting your feelings.

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