stunned silent…

1- First soccer game was won! 6-0. Hurrah! That kid was incredibly aggressive but managed to grasp the idea of T-E-A-M so that was excellent.

2- Lost… OH MY GOSH… I watched it alone, and spent the entire 45 minutes exploring a range of emotion. Fear, Excitement, Relief, Fear (from the suspense, and Jacob), Fear, Anger, Satisfaction, Repulsion,Rage and I will admit I was a little scared… :) Seriously, I have got to talk about this with someone. Anyone.

2 thoughts on “stunned silent…

  1. LOL~ you’re funny, if I was a Lost junkie, I could be that “someone”, but alas, I am not. In fact, have never seen it. Do you watch Grey’s?? yup, I’m back in blogland, now that I’m a stay-at-home mommy and all ;)let’s chat soon!!Love yaAng

  2. Congrats to the winning team :) LOST was good too. Although, I am not one to “chat” about it, I really find the whole thing – dare I say…Silly :) Zac really gets into the show so I have to watch it with out him because I tease too much while watching.

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