I am an avid 43things fan… I love the site, and it has impacted my own personal organization and full fillment of my goals and dreams.
One of my goals, for the next few months, is to compile an A-Z journal of my favorite films and Why.

So, my A- film is Amelie…

Amelie is nothing short of beautiful and amazing. It is the only film which has ever caught up my heart in this way. This movie stirs my every emotion. As cliche’ as it may sound, it warms me, restores my hope while also stirring my sadness. Aesthetically it is breathtaking from start to finish and every note of the score is branded into my heart…
Perhaps it is that i identify with her fear of letting someone in. Perhaps I admire the way she constructs her life around the things she loves, staying inside her bubble until she sees that one person who challenges all that she loves.
She has taught me that it is ok to dip my hands in beans, collect strange photos and pour details and details of precision into the corners of my life.
On several key, life altering occasions, I too have stood in the rain staring deep into the waters which carried the best part of me away. My heart aches, breaks and cheers for her throughout each second as it waltzes to the tune of each moment of this film.
Amelie is perfect for A because it is my foremost favorite.

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