… from an otherwise horribly crappy day.

– a long, wonderful phone chat with Jennie.
– Reading poetry with my daughter.
– Iced Tea
– That it’s only an hour and ten minutes before Lost’s season finale. No more TV committments for months!!!
– Nearly three hours of sleep last night. Big Improvement!
– That we are mere days away from our Air Conditioner finally being repaired!
– That we are on the verge of a three day weekend.
– “Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life for Me.”
– Clarity.
– A great talk with Denae, the early stages of Wedding planning spoken in Whispers.
– That my sister in law Tara’s baby is healthy and her pregnancy is going well.
– inside jokes.
– clean sheets!!!

3 thoughts on “Highlights…

  1. did u get my message? I tried calling you back, but got your voicemail.hope you are feeling somewhat better and you gave my massage lady a calltalk to you soon

  2. We are home from Moms! It’s good to be back although I loved having the help with the kids. This arm thing has me really worried, sweetie. Mom said that there are a number of serious complications they should be checking but either way- it is never good for blood to be held back from circulating for weeks. Much less a month. It’s funny, what you said, about how it seems everyone knows a ton of nurses, but no doctors. Well, in Idaho I know you have a doctor friend, but didn’t you say he is Africa right now anyway? I am babbling. I miss you. I miss my husband. Great list! I am going to drink some iced tea today and catch up on Lost.

  3. Ang- My home voicemail doesn’t work. No clue why… No call to the therapist yet… ($$$)Kel- I hope you and your beautiful Mama exchanged lots and lots of hugs! I miss her! What are you lost thoughts? Debbie texted me last night while watching it for a second time, wanting to chat about it. I am super eager to hear your thoughts!

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