The most powerful man in history… {A giveaway +}

With Easter so near, it’s that time of year when the classic Bible movies air back to back on cable, (my grandma loved this, even though she owned them all on VHS anyway) and all of the chocolate animals imaginable start disappearing off store shelves. Personally, I love Easter. I was married Easter weekend and it just feels like such a natural NEW season.

It’s also become the trend that networks begin airing documentaries and introspects regarding various religious topics. I have had the unique experience of being behind the scenes of aspects of these productions, over the past few years, and it has all been a lot more fascinating and educational than I would have thought. This Easter, continuing this pattern, CNN is airing POPE: The Most Powerful Man in History. Here’s the special’s synopsis:

POPE: The Most Powerful Man in History explores the truth about the one world leader who is neither politician nor general – but commands the attention of both. For more than 2000 years, the head of the Roman Catholic Church has wielded unimaginable influence – shaping the world and our daily lives in surprising ways. Now, combining never-before-seen footage, exclusive interviews, and dramatic recreations, this upcoming six-part television series focuses on the men who have held this unique and complicated position, and reveals the unexpected true stories from the Vatican’s past.  The series also delves into the important historical moments that forever changed the Catholic Church – from the foundations of the Reformation to the origins of a new religious order within Catholicism – the Jesuits.  The series premieres on Sunday, March 11 on CNN. Narrated by Liam Neeson, Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History, is a six-part CNN Original Series that explores how 12 apostles became 1.2 billion Catholics today, linking recent news events surrounding the Vatican with their unexpected origins.

My husband is a lover of all things history, and his zest for things has seeped in to me. I am pretty excited about this special! Equally as exciting is a give away I have agreed to share with you! Are you familiar with Lifeway? I have a $25 gift card to Lifeway, for one of you! Which is cool, right? (to enter, simply leave a comment on this post or one of the social media shares. Winner will be chosen numerically, altering between sites in the order of blog, facebook, twitter, instagram, repeat)

BUT WAIT! That’s not all… There is a contest, in support of the show, in which someone (you???) could win a once in a lifetime trip to Rome! Inspired by the upcoming television premiere of Pope: The Most Powerful Man In History, contestants can vie for the opportunity to win by visiting the website: Giveaway begins March 8 and ends on April 15.


The winner of the giveaway will receive the following:

  • Airfare and five nights of hotel accommodations for two in Rome.
  • A $500 gift card.
  • A rare and private tour of The Vatican.


The Vatican is home to some of the greatest works of art including The Pieta, Raphael’s Transfiguration, Leonardo Da Vinci’s St. Jerome In The Wilderness, the statue of Apollo Belvedere, and a painting of The Last Judgement by Michelangelo, located inside The Sistine Chapel. The Sistine Chapel is famous throughout the world as the location where The College of Cardinals from The Roman Catholic Church, meet when a new Pope has to be elected.

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