It’s Friday, I’m in love…

Every day it is more and more beautiful outside. I love the mystery of the world coming alive in bloom of reds, oranges and yellows while the reality is that the leaves are dying… Something so sad, by nature, is when a large portion of our populous comes alive with creativity and inspiration. It has been a hard, dark week and the splendor of fall feels tainted somehow, but such darkness. This is when it is more important to focus on the beautiful specks- the wildflowers growing through the wreckage.

It is easy right now to list out countless bullet points about what is wrong, around us, but I say let’s take a few minutes to focus on what is right: warm mugs filled with deliciousness, good books, cozy evenings, soft socks, heavy throws… Full on perfection!

1.) The Book That Takes It’s Time… This book is near the top of my list of favorite things, EVER. I love it so much that if there were to be a fire, I might grab it before any other possession…

2.) Chipotle has queso. I realize this may seem like an odd thing to list here, but let me just say it again: Chipotle has queso. So, my favorite tacos (chicken, with grilled fajita veggies, black beans and green salsa) are no a TRILLION times better because Chipotle has queso.

3.) My nighttime routine. I have begun mixing in a couple of drops of Grapefruit essential oil, into my night face cream. Not only does it reparatively affect my skin, but the smell of it is so mood boosting and encouraging that it really has affected my quality of sleep. I’m HOOKED!

4.) Spotify Time Capsule. Do you use Spotify? I love it so much! It is the one subscription I couldn’t go without, and this Time Capsule was the soundtrack to my CRAZY busy weekend. So fun!

5.) Ryan Gosling + SNL. Specifically these two skits: This & This. There are so many quotable things about these two skits. Overall I stopped regularly watching SNL quite some time ago, but I am glad I tuned in this past weekend.

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