It’s Friday, I’m in love…

I have been inspired by a lot of really amazing things which help make life a little brighter and more beautiful this week. When I began taking notes as the week progressed, I realized there were mounting up to be a whole lot more that five. It is my job to scale them down, and my absolute pleasure to share a few of my delights this week, with you!

1.) Bella Grace magazine. Do you love simply beautiful things? Are you in need of inspiration? Grace? Goodness? Do you breathe? If you answered yes to ANY of these questions than there is a really good chance that this magazine is for you!

2.) My niece made homemade beef jerky last week. After I got over my jealousy and awe over her domestic skills, I found some recipes and made some too. It was super easy, and interesting. (I did it in the oven.) I will absolutely do it again. It is super tasty, BUT I now feel bold enough to try different things and learn more about this oven process.

3.) Being a child of the 80’s, it is a little strange that I never developed a strong love for Rob Lowe. In fact, I didn’t care one way or the other until we became avid Parks & Rec fans. It was within those boundaries where I developed a Lowe love. And this week, I am proud to say, that love has grown. Have you heard about The Lowe Files? OH MY GOSH! You guys, it is Rob and his adorable adult sons, bonding together over these crazy adventures involving paranormal activity, folklore, etc. I have never been a lover of reality tv (exception being Catfish, of course. We all know this.) MUST SEE! (A & E)

4.) Charmer. It is an app that compliments you. I know, I know, it sounds weird. It is also pretty brilliant and I love it.

5.) Lastly, I don’t have some cool eclipse story. I have really quirky and sensitive eyes and so I stayed in and watched Nasa coverage over Oregon &  Idaho, while my Idaho peeps were all watching in person. While that may seem super lame, I can honestly say I learned more than I expected to. When, over Nebraska, there was a really in-depth look at the Corona, I was pretty enthralled. What started as a little apathetically disappointed resulted in a pretty interesting afternoon. (and if you missed footage of the Corona, I strongly recommend finding some now!)

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