Friday, Friday…

I mentioned sometime last week that Gen and I had gone on an excursion to IKEA so that she could work on a photography assignment, for school. The assignment was to take photos of things at interesting angles/perspectives. She decided IKEA would be a great format to play around with that, so off we went.

It took her this long to email me the photos she submitted, but since I promised you guys I’d show you, here they are. :)

Considering it was her first ever photo assignment and her only real past experience would be the insane amounts of snapchats and selfies that an average teenage girl sends, I think she did fantastic! I am so proud. Today we will be venturing out for her next assignment (contrast of color in a unique way).

On the agenda for this weekend we also have brunch with the boyfriend, family anniversary time and a little Senior Picture shoot. What’s the plan for your weekend?

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