Hello, September…

Hello_September_photoI love autumn… I realize this is not altogether unique. While many love pumpkin everything, I can honestly say that I love the sweaters and the smells, the air and the colors but pumpkin isn’t at the top of my list. I thought I’d share some of my September projections…




beginning a bullet journal planner for 2017

a couple of small painting projects

reestablish a routine



lose 15lbs

drink water, water, water…


commit to my fitbit

no soda, fast food, or candy




A few days in Chicago with my older daughter and her clan

me time

evening walks

new (to me) books

running the fire-place, on cool evenings

sweater weather



celebrate our family anniversary of 13 years!

attend a women’s night to hopefully make connections and meet new people

handwritten letters

remembering birthdays

book club

Paint & Sip night, with a friend



Bake bread

can apple butter

warm apple cider

mulled wine

What’s in your September aspirations, my friends?



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