What I’ve learned…


With the close of February pretty much sitting in our laps, I’m forced to reflect on all it has contained. It has held the tragic death of someone eternally dear to me, an intense visit with my husband, moving in to my sister’s home, working with life coaches (which is an AMAZING process all on its own) the start of my minor string of 40 adventures before my birthday and so many millions of moments of greatness…

It’s time to focus on what I learned this month… The good, the bad and the ugly…

1.) that lesson Inside Out was trying to teach us, but I did not quite grasp: Our core memories have good AND bad. It’s what makes them real and raw. When we only want to focus on one side, we will easily see a pluthera of that light or darkness. We have to be careful.

2.) For this stage of life, living with my sister and her family is really awesome. I’m so grateful!

3.) Too Faced make up is cruelty free. It’s my favorite… HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS???

4.) Just because a movie is a Sundance Winner, (The VVitch) does not make it a great movie. Well done, yes. Interesting inspiration? Sure. Entertaining, moving, or anything else a great film should be? No.

5.) Cafe Zupas is the best lunch out. Ever. In all the world…

6.) We ALL stumble. We ALL fall. We ALL have our strengths, our weaknesses, our inspirations, motivations, etc… It’s up to us how we use them, or whether we wallow in our failures or rise in our strengths. We all need self-discipline, and we will all struggle. No one is exempt and one persons struggle is no worse than another’s.

7.) Having CONNECT as my word of the year was a fitting, is terrifying and it’s only February!

8.) There are best friends, then there are best friends, but best of all there are BEST friends…

9.) Forgiveness is less about forgetting someone’s trespass, and more about choosing to not nestle into resenting it, and moving forward while learning what you can.

10.) Feelings are a choice. NO ONE can hurt your feelings unless you choose for them to. Empowering stuff…

Bonus: 11.) the twix bar on the right is the best…


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