A rubik’s cube, gofer and a goose walk into a bar…


Have you ever taken on a project, felt like you were finally making some progress and then the world came crashing down around you? Me too. And Chw… Quite literally, actually, poor guy! Amidst his demanding work schedule and our absolutely crazy work schedules that we’re trying (albeit a little unsuccessfully, it feels) to mesh together, we try to get projects done with the house. There are so many though and we are so overwhelmed that I’m afraid we aren’t accomplishing anything. It’s a one small task done, three major repairs needed sort of thing. Case in point, over the weekend he decided to paint our half bath. It’s a small room that really only needed paint, a new faucet and new flooring. In comparison to the rest of the house, this is all very simply… We picked up a great little faucet, have paint and are going to go the cheap flooring route because, honestly, we’re tapped and that’s just the way it is. So, there’s my awesome husband, post primering this complicated and tiny room when he notices a soft spot in the ceiling. He touches it, thus spending the rest of the day buying drywall (and to think we’d gone SEVEN DAYS without a trip to Home Depot! Another record broken!), re-drywalling the ceiling after taking care of the water damage and finding the source. An entire weekend of work and the room sits, unpainted… When will we have time to tackle it again? Who knows.


Have I mentioned here, that I’m going back to work? I’m pretty nervous and excited. It’s been pretty nerve racking balancing my schedule with Chw’s and throwing Genny’s regular babysitting schedule into the mix. I’ll still need a work from home schedule for writing so it’s kind of like I’m managing the schedules of four people that don’t fit together in any way at all. Super fun! It’s all just until may windfall comes in though, then we’re retiring somewhere warm, sandy and tropical. That should be any day, I’m guessing… Since I refuse to live in the land of pink unicorns and rainbow slides though, I’ll keep on trying the Rubik’s Cube of our calendar and renovating this old house one centimeter at a time. And oh yeah, now that it’s nice out we’ve actually seen what our yard looks like and it too needs a ton of work. Discouraging, to say the least. (though the giant gofer who lives under our deck seems quite happy with things.) *Note to any gofer familiar readers: He’s adorable but will he hurt my dogs? Should we get rid of him? If the answer to this is yes, is there a non violent way to do this because he is adorable, BUT we are practically roommates…

Speaking of gofers… We have lived in “city” for far too long, I guess. (even though we’ve never actually lived in a real city where dogs poop on concrete and stuff) Living on a lake is a whole new bit of amazing. We love the sunsets over the lake, (until the trees bloom and we can no longer see the lake anyway) and the geese coming in to the lake have been amazing! Every day feels, sounds and smells like camping except we have a full kitchen, comfy bed and shower. It’s fantastic. Every day we see fat squirrels, bunnies, hundreds of birds. (and of course, our friendly gofer tenant) I’m really looking forward to a lazing morning of tea and reading, out on the deck, as soon as the Cube aligns enough to make it so.

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