Touching base…

Wednesday morning I met a new friend and we chatted and cried. I sipped tea and felt the heavy water-weight of this life that I’m very much drowning in. I don’t have any answers and I’m living a life right now that needs about seven hundred of them, yesterday. Post our tea and tear session, I had to drive through some back country roads. Tears turned to sobs and vision blurred as curves were hugged. Music quiet on the radio became background nonsense as I was lost in the wave of complete brokenness. I wondered how I would (or could) even live beyond that day.

And then a song came on from several years ago. The song itself didn’t signify anything but in the back of my mind a voice said “I really love his voice, I’ve always loved his voice.” He would be Gavin DeGraw. Did that make the world all better? No. But that tiny second of something else was enough for me to grab tight and hold on.

I’m really excited to be promoting Dolphin Tale 2 because the first film was such a special, special story. I was asked to share this video with you and well, when I first previewed it and saw it was by Gavin DeGraw, I couldn’t help but feel a boost. And naturally, the words are amazingly fitting for life right now and the video is exceptional! It makes me even more excited for this movie! So go check it out, and then tell me what you think… tell me how you get through the hardest/darkest times or just say hi (really, I need the “hi!” right now…) and I’ll choose a winner Sunday to receive a download of this song!

Have an amazing weekend, you guys!

10 thoughts on “Touching base…

  1. I’m so sorry things are so hard for you right now. I usually get through the hard times with lots of crying and clinging desperately to the hope that Jesus hasn’t forsaken me. But goodness gracious it’s hard sometimes. Praying for you now.

    1. thank you… SOUND advice… In hindsight I bet I’d say the same thing. Here in the thick of it… it feels different.

      On Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 8:50 AM, Rainy Day in May wrote:


  2. Loved the video! Winters story is so sweet! Didn’t know they were making a sequel! My kids will be so excited!
    Sorry you are down! I fall into survival mode. No advice here!

  3. Having not heard Gavin before, I’m really glad you shared! Thanks for bringing my day a little joy :) I am praying that your joy returns quickly. Hugs to you!!

  4. Dark times are the worst. The only thing that gets me through is completely jettisoning the absolutely non-essential. I do the required number of laundry loads. Do dishes. Make very simple meals. And then I self-care, self-care, self-care. Walks, reading, knitting, embroidery, writing, loving the people who love me – the things that bring the most joy. Sending prayers that you feel better soon!!

  5. The only thing I know how to do in the dark time is jettison all the extra stuff and do the very most essential. I do the laundry that NEEDS to be done. I wash dishes. I make very simple meals (aka sandwiches) and then I self-care, self-care, self-care. I love on the people who love me. I read, write, knit, and do the quiet things that bring me joy. I pray (a lot). And I’m praying for you. Dark times suck.

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