all the, small things…

grateful31.} nostalgic music, which shaped me, (and is just often good quality music.)

32.} my husband allows me to know when I need to rest, and when I can do more/be more.

33.} plans, goals, strategies and being a team. That’s so close to everything.

34.} that, after a killer sinus infection and strong prescriptions which played out hard on my body, I’m starting to feel human again.

35.} for little, daily mysteries.

36.} open windows, cool breezes, bird serenades…

37.} the perfect penned letter from one of my oldest and dearest friends.

38.} hilarious texts from Gen, with the WORST typos ever, and the embarrassment that she goes through because she meant DUCK… (So, so, so funny!)

39.} a bad date, with a bad movie and a bad frozen yogurt place, but getting to joke about them and hate them with the man I love more than anyone in the world. Absolutely nothing compares…

40.} an errand run, after a week homebound, complete with my favorite chai.

What stood out in your week?

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