slower than honey…


21.} my own pillow, my own mattress, my own sheets and my own home…

22.} to come home and see my sweet dogs. My heart does not like going long periods of time without them.

23.} texting. While I’m not a fan of being tethered to my phone, (it happens, I’ll admit it) I’m really grateful for how easy texting makes certain things.

24.} I never thought I’d say this, but that my days of parenting littles are behind me.

25.} Seeing my dad and (finally) meeting his new wife. It had been 4 years since we’d seen him and that’s a long, long time. It was an unexpected visit and so good for my spirit.

26.} Seeing my sister Jennie. (It had been exactly 7 years since I’d seen her and that really was too long.)

27.} using my shampoo, there aren’t words for how great that was… (forgot to pack it. bought a replacement. It was BAD…)

28.} that the neglected stack of mail, from while we were gone, contained real letters too!

29.} For time to catch up on some reading.

30.} That my husband is feeling better. He’s hardly ever sick, so when he is, it’s horrible!

What are you grateful for, this week?

3 thoughts on “slower than honey…

  1. Wow-that is a lovely list. Especially seeing family members; what a gift.
    I too appreciate my bed, linens and those canines!!!
    Today, I’m having a ‘not so great’ day-lots of things malfunctioning at our home, but I’m still grateful for our home….although for about 10 minutes I was ready to put out a ‘for sale’ sign!!

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