Hi! {Five}

Good morning…

How was your weekend? Mine was really weird. Lovely, and not lovely, and something altogether strange and wonderful. Gen flew, with some kids from her youth group, to Jamaica for the week. They will be doing some various service projects there. It’s all really exciting, and already I can’t wait to see pictures and hear her stories… As for us, we tried a cool not-so-local (for us) restaurant, saw a movie, did a little grocery shopping, watched fireworks, hit up the farmer’s market and just enjoyed hanging out together. It was a pretty big bummer to have her gone over Father’s Day, but we celebrated last weekend so it all worked out ok… My husband, in my book, is the absolute coolest guy to hang out with, so it was a rare joy to spend the weekend with just him. We joked about it being our empty nest preview

Quite awhile ago, I was doing a superb job of listing out little weekly life gifts to add to my growing list, of which I was grateful for… And then some season, or other, of life became overwhelming and I tapered off.  I want to start up again. I really love the focus of that, and maybe it will help me to be a more diligent blogger (again) as well… look for that at some point later this week.

I think five is a great number…

I thought I’d share with five awesome (to me) things to start your week out right…

SONG– I’ve never listened much to the Avett Brothers so I do realize this is an old song, but I just heard it for the first time on Friday and it touched my heart… Just lovely… November Blue.

SHARE– I love elephants and this video melts my heart.

SOMETHING I’M LOVING– These days I am really loving my magic bullet. We drink smoothies year round, but we’ve been amping up on them a bit. (we do 1/3 frozen fruit, 1/3 fresh fruit, 1/3 cup packed spinach leaves, 1/4 c. kefir, 1 T. flaxseed oil, 1 T. chia seeds & and fill to just below the rim with coconut or almond milk. (Gen likes a bit of stevia in hers) They come out perfect every time. AMAZING…)

SOMETHING I’M INTOThe Goodwife. I don’t even know how it happened. I absolutely adore both Josh Charles and Chris Noth and made the decision NOT to watch this show when it first began (and the 5 years years since) because I just didn’t want to get involved with a legal drama. And then, when all of the shock of JC’s departure from the show (whom I’ve absolutely loved since I was in high school and he was in Dead Poet’s Society), suddenly my interest became peaked. When I realized our cable service had the entire series ON DEMAND, I was hooked. Do you watch?

SOMETHING NEW (to me)– For awhile now, I’ve seen these services pop up where you can borrow handbags or accessories and I thought it was such a waste of money. And then, I found myself in the position of wearing more dresses and needing a big of a broader wardrobe without the budget for nicer quality clothing. Enter Gwynnie Bee. I’ll admit I was skeptical, but I think I may be warming up to it. I received my first box the other day and it was a fun experience. I might even say, I’m warming up to calling it a bit of a brilliant idea…

Is there anything you’d like to share from your week?

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One thought on “Hi! {Five}

  1. What a great list. I love the Avett Brothers and your smoothies sound awesome.
    The clothes exchange sounds pretty cool….I’ve never considered anything like that either.
    I hope Gen has a blast!!!

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