May, be…

Sure, it sounds old, and over-used to take this opportunity to rant about how it’s already May, (and how is this possible?!?!?) but really, it seems insane to me. Wasn’t it just the polar eternal vortex? And suddenly green grass is everywhere and it’s May first. What in the world?

Usually, on the first of the month I take a post to outline my goals for the month. Here are my May aspirations…



– I’ve taken on a new, slightly top-secret writing project that only a VERY small, handful of people know anything about. I’m really excited about it, maybe more excited than I’ve been about anything I’ve worked on before. Stay tuned!

– working on my quarterly newsletter. (aren’t on the list and want to be? Leave a comment with your email address and I’ll add you!)

– a few fun photo shoots coming up.

Delancey, by Molly Wizenberg being released. I’ve waited literal YEARS for this book!



– celebrating my husband’s fortieth birthday.

– doing Storyline alongside my dear friend KL, (well, alongside, but spanning 2000 miles).

– honoring the moms in our lives.

– celebrating the special days of special friends.

– going to see the local theater production that friends of our directed. We’re pretty excited about that.

– Sunday morning excursions to the Farmer’s market. happily, happily, basket in hand, I’ll adventure off in search of wonderful.



– there are a couple of date nights on the front. We are right on schedule with our intentional date challenge, having completed 10/25, for the year.

– intentional conversations, planning sessions and dreams. It’s time.

– evening walks around the neighborhood.



– get the outdoor furniture out on the deck, should the rainy weather allow it. I’m so ready to sit out there and drink wine in the evenings while talking with Chw about our days. I’m ready to drink iced tea and write out there in the afternoons, (epi pen close by, of course, as our bees last year were horrendous!)

– grilled dinners! I am so excited about that! We’ve grilled out once already, but I’m ready for 500 more times.

– coming up with a fun Monday night tradition to accompany the return of 24. We LOVE Jack Bauer in this house and are BEYOND thrilled… (Any ideas?)

– getting rid of some living room furniture, making room for our beautiful new sofa (20 year anniversary gift) and just playing with the room a little.

– small bedroom paint project.

– possibly taking on the re-upholstering (or decent slipcovering) of an ottoman, should I locate my bravery somewhere.


What about you? What’s on your agenda for the month of May?

3 thoughts on “May, be…

  1. Great goals!
    As for me:
    1. Commit to a healthier lifestyle all around.
    2. Grilling the majority of our meals. Last year I grilled the weeks worth of meat on weeks that I knew we were short on time for relaxing bbq’s and we were able to enjoy the awesome taste of grilled food.
    3. Re-arrange my house. Too big, too much stuff and I’m quite tired of some of the decor really.
    4. Cut my hair. Silly I know but its so long and I love it but tired of the daily hassle of wrestling these curls!
    5. Start journaling. This is probably my most important one.
    That’s it…nothing too serious but should keep me busy until June rolls in. :)

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