the small…

On Fridays, Lisa-Jo hosts Five Minute Fridays where she gives a one word writing prompt for a five-minute writing challenge and people link up. Here is my FMF piece for today…

The word prompt was SMALL.



They begin small… Small distractions, small words, small emotions.

Angry things feel righteously justified at first, only tasting sour later, and even then, we can grow so used to the sour flavor we no longer notice.

Tiny moments where one might cling to a vindicated bit of sadness, grief or anger- these moments grow into something with a life of it’s own.

Seldom can such things stay small.

Like a tiny man, scrunch faced and arthritic, this small man climbs on our back and we carry him around. He, in all of his aches and bitterness, he in all of his contankery rage and narrow-minded tunnel vision. We become consumed by the weight of this increasingly more, once tiny man. His ever growing in hate filled voice always near our ear, criticizing and fueling flames.

Eventually we can barely move a step without his joint pains becoming our own. The deep lines in our face show our hard journey, our weathered walk of missed out freedoms and light strolls due to this mean small little man’s place of residence upon our back.

He started out so small.

Just a bad afternoon leading to a resentful soak in the tub, or fuming over a glass of wine. Instead of releasing, one must have held on tight.

I took my little man off today. I sat him on a sweet little park bench, with a coffee he found too hot and too bitter. I kissed him gently on his bald, liver spotted forehead and took small steps as I walked away.

His voice is almost gone now. My back is nearly straighter.

Small things.

Good things.


5 thoughts on “the small…

  1. oh my! stopping by from 5minute friday and these words spoke to me! I’ve been carrying that little man around with me way too long! Thank you for reminding me that I can take the small step of leaving him behind!!!

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