A note from the inside…

The snow falls and falls.

From inside my home, {which never seems to get warm enough until I remember that there are people elsewhere who truly can’t get warm enough, and then I realize I am absolutely fine- if not better than fine,} the snow is beautiful. The plump flakes fall like grace from heaven and my heart soars with the glory of it. From my living room the neighborhood scape looks divinely lovely and I can’t help but feel so heart-full. From the view of my dining room deck I gaze upon an untouched field of perfect snow. The wonder of it embodies a million little miracles of blank slates and fulfilled promises of something clean, new, fresh, bright and beautiful…

From inside, this snow fall, this never-ending winter downpour of flurries warms a soul more than it frosts my skin.

Take this girl outside these walls though, and my story changes…

Driving in the snow sends my nerves singing like sharp violin notes which massacre a brilliant silence and instill fear during villainous horror films. Watching the snow through my windshield sends every morbidly grim thought racing through my brain in its own special sort of grand prix.

For what feels like years now, when the snow stops, (which does it really ever stop? I don’t think it does. I believe this is a Twilight Zone episode and we’re trapped in a snow globe… Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake.) the winds come. The winds make the snow seem like sugar falling straight from the sweet hand of Jesus. The winds are the breath of Satan. Satan has some ridiculously icy breath.

The moral of this whiny diatribe was that winter has been going on forever. And really, it hasn’t been forever, but while it’s been here, it’s been like winter times 10,000, and so doesn’t that at least equal a year (or ten) technically speaking?

The groundhog has his gig soon. We should maybe get word to him to do us a solid… If you know what I mean.

In the meantime, this is Misty, signing off from inside the bitter snow globe {where if the wind gets any colder I bet the glass will just break and then Rod Serling will be very sorry he messed with us.}

8 thoughts on “A note from the inside…

  1. I have a major attitude about snow. It makes me grumpy and irritable. I hate it! However, we are expecting 2-7 inches tomorrow and I want to be happy for my kids. I’m choosing to be thankful. We have a warm home, my husband doesn’t have to leave the house tomorrow, our pantry is stocked…

    1. Good for you! I think I’m just jaded by it all…it’s the end of January and I’m so sick of wind and snow. I need to try to be grateful, despite the fact that I do have to go out in it…

  2. I think we’re a curse. Everywhere we go it’s dry, dry, dry. Even the places it’s supposed to be not dry. We are so behind on moisture I’m nervous for the summer with wild fires. Maybe it’s going to come late. Maybe we’ll have a late spring. All the natives are telling us “Yep, it’s been a mild winter.” But I think they are just trying to be nice, this goes a bit beyond ‘mild’.

  3. Beautifully written. I have no idea how you do it…..the bitter cold day in and day out. But then again, in the dead of summer, we are dying from the heat and humidity. I watch the sun from the coolness of my air-conditioned house. ;(
    Stay warm. Keep your spirits up.

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