Until August…

Taking on the finalization of my novel, school, summer (with the kidlet home) and the other odds and end things going on- well, my blog seems to be getting a big part of the neglect so I’ve decided I’m going to take a month off. I’m taking July off to enjoy my family, enjoy my work, wrap up these classes and have a bit better footing come August…

I also need need to do some deep thinking regarding this blog, where it’s going and what I want/need from it…

If you have any thoughts, please share them in the comments and continue to email, should you desire… I really do have the best readers. :) I consider you more than readers, I consider you friends…


3 thoughts on “Until August…

  1. I go through some sort of blog identity crises ALL the TIME. :) In the end, I think the blog is a footprint or a voice we leave behind. I don’t think much of them now, but maybe the kids will love reading about how they used to streak through the house at dinner time? OR maybe when I’m older, I won’t remember what Riley looked like when she was cutting six teeth at a time or how annoying it was trying to write a book with four kids underfoot. I think our blogs capture moments and snapshots that we might otherwise forget. Just my take.

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