allergy_385x261Just when I’m feeling better, I get the start of a major migraine right before bed. Thinking I’ll sleep it off, I wake up mere hours later in the worst face/head pain I can imagine. Preferring (more than likely) the idea of someone stabbing me in the face repetitively- I have no choice but to realize this misery is sponsored by the joy that is seasonal allergies. What girl could be so lucky as to endure a severe, post pneumonia lung infection and an allergic mutiny within the same small time period? Apparently me. *insert feeble, minuscule, sarcastic YAY here*

Big shout out to my husband, who was there to stumble from bed in search of antihistamines, over the counter headache meds and an ice cold washcloth. I couldn’t have survived the half hour of increasing pressure/pain with him. Seriously, I couldn’t.

I have been regularly consuming local honey in an effort to thwart this hellishness, but either it’s not working as hoped OR it would have been a trillion times worse. Let’s be honest, if it were actually a trillion times worse, I would stab myself in the face repetatively.

In other news, I am absolutely obsessed with the Boston Marathon bombing case. I was glued to the manhunt, and am now an absolute glutton for anything that follows regarding charges, etc. Last night when my boyfriend was doing his CNN show, it was mentioned that the trial could be two years out and the reality of my obsession hit me square in the face: that’s a pretty big commitment if I plan to be exclusively seeing this news story on top of my romance with Anderson Cooper and my marriage. Something will have to go, and I don’t think it will be AC or my husband. Drats… The ironic thing is, I’m not a news watcher at all. If I turn the tv on, and my boyfriend’s show is on- I’ll likely get sucked in, but I rarely turn the tv on when Anderson is on so that’s maybe a twice a month rarity. Maybe. Things like this happen though, and suddenly I’m all about the “news”. I wondered, recently, what that says about me. Girl, too easily depressed by news, gets obsessed with national tragedy news and has to ween off slanted media news updates like recovering drug addict. Hmmm. Then, yesterday, in an effort to control my itching need to turn on CNN midday, I chose Pinterest. Seemed like a logical distraction, that is until I stumbled upon a friend’s post about the 10 skills needed to survive in a post collapse world. Two-thirds of the way through the list, panic set in and I realized I would die in this post collapse world {that is, according to this article, an absolute to happen and probably before I am 40}, and that there is very little I can do about it. Then I realized that familiar panic was the very reason why I don’t usually watch the news. I took deep breaths, asked myself WWACD? {What would Anderson Cooper do?} And I imagined him there, with his “Are you really serious right now?” Expression, all squinty eyed and glorious- and it was enough for me to regain my sanity/breath and move on. You can call it denial, I like the term hopeful. You know, God is bigger than the boogie man, type stuff. Only, in this case, replace boogie man with post collapse world. Breathe

Speaking of breaths… My word for the year is Breathe. Isn’t it ironic? Though this is something I meant more figuratively- I feel someone (other than me, they never take me seriously) should have a chat with my sinuses, as they aren’t really heeding the instruction to breathe well… Figuratively, I’m doing pretty ok in that area. My crazy-busy, date book ruled schedule opened right up after the move, seeing as I have no friends or colleagues to schedule things with. I wonder WWACS? {What would Anderson Cooper Say?}



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3 thoughts on “Hell-o…

  1. Spring…I love/hate it. The wind and dirt are relentless here in the spring. Our entire family takes 10mg of Zyrtec year round. Every. Single. Day. It’s called survival. But spring usually has us adding Nasonex to the mix on particularly rough days. Yesterday it was 92• and today we’re hoping for 52•. Because the wind blew 60mph all night and brought in a cold front.

    I love spring because things usually turn green, and start to come back to life. We plant petunias in the flower pots and dream of the end of school. We planted flowers a bit early this year and we’ve had 3 major freezes since. Between the numbing wind and the crazy temp changes, the poor things are hurtin’.

    1. Love for the same reason… I try REALLY hard to manage allergies naturally, but my gosh- I may have to take medication suggestions because I do not like wishing I could stab myself in the face.

      On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 8:41 AM, rainydayinmay

  2. Allergies are too miserable to endure. They are one thing I don’t mind medicating. I look at it as preventative medicine. If we don’t manage it, it turns in to sinus infections, strep, or bronchitis. Not to mention you feel terrible. This year has been brutal weather wise…hot, cold, hot, cold, over and over….and significantly more dirt days than normal…and almost zero moisture. The T1D kid and I have been using Nasonex (just when the Zyrtec doesn’t cut it) and it has helped SO much. Not nearly the struggle we usually have. Naxonex, Zyrtec, and Advil are the only things that we can give T1D kid without major blood sugar battles. If we don’t keep it under control, the cough/sinus infection starts and that’s miserable for EVERYONE. Also we buy name brand Zyrtec and we buy it at Sam’s. It’s cheaper, and there are 5 of us taking it :)

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