I am about to get personal here, you guys. Part of my motivation is likely that I just don’t want to pack anymore…

I have this super awesome app on my iphone called Bingo Run. It’s super awesome because it’s the game of Bingo, and i LOVE Bingo.

For the past few weeks, I’ve had insomnia of sorts. I fall asleep (usually) with ease- but wake up 2-3 hours later, to the dead of night. We currently have no tv or dvd’s to watch- (see: packed) so I end up laying there dreaming of pinterest projects or playing time wasting games on my phone. {Because really, when is it an absolutely appropriate time to waste time on your phone– if it isn’t at 3 am when you’re trying NOT to hear the bumps in the night???}

If I cave and play Bingo then, (and I can only play so many earned credits in a day, which is an altogether tragic and good thing.) then I have to keep my sound off and strain my eyes to watch the numbers called AND daub my “card”. {as you can see, I truly do have huge problems and my life is very, very difficult. It’s a wonder I’m so strong. *cough*} Should I choose to wait though- until my husband is awake and gone for the day- well, then I can turn the sound on and have a much easier 12 minute dose of Bingo.

So I wait…

And then, because I’m usually dying to pee by this point- I take my phone and pee while playing Bingo.

And like clockwork- every morning- my dog freaks out.

She hears the robotic sounding caller- N-33… and she starts growling at the bathroom door.

It isn’t an aversion to the game Bingo itself as, prior to my semi-insomniac way of life, she heard me play it hundreds of times and was pretty unmoved. So, I think it’s fair to say that my dog believes I hide a man in my bathroom and rush to spend time with him once my husband walks out the door. This is also most likely why she barges in, once the door is open, and checks every nook and cranny while eyeing me accusingly. This may even be why, should i go back to bed, she will jump up and scowl at me. Should I reach to pet her, she will just growl and jump down.

There is obviously angst between us, and I can only assume it’s because she believes I’m having an affair with an animatronic bingo caller.

My life is so much more exciting from my dog’s perspective…

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