Boy, Have I got a prize for you!

You guys, are you excited for this movie? 
I have got to tell you, my little family is beside themselves in anticipation for this movie and Les Miserables. (It’s an equal tie, except for me. Can you guess which one I am more excited about???) 
Anyway, I am helping out with a little promoting of this film and I thought, along with showing you the trailer, I would conduct a give away for a couple of “Grab bags” full of miscellaneous Hobbit items. I’ve got activity books, posters, book marks, buttons… you get the drift. 
Anyway, it will be so easy it’s scary… Leave a comment either here or on the Rainy day in may facebook page,(by Friday December 7th) telling me what movies you are most excited about this holiday season. 
Ok? So please come play along, because it’s fun… And who knows, you might win something :)

LIKE our Facebook page and I’ll throw your name in there 10 times, because it’s mine- and I can! 

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9 thoughts on “Boy, Have I got a prize for you!

  1. I am totally excited about Les Mis., I've only ever read the book in high sdhool, so I'm super excited to see that one, but I'm open to the Hobbit, don't know anything about it though (sad but true :(

  2. I can't believe that I have never liked your facebook page. well I did and now I am commenting to tell you that I am much more excited about Les Mis, but hubby is much more excited about the Hobbit, but we are both excited about both!

  3. Is there any OTHER holiday movie coming out? I'd love to see les Miz, but my kids aren't much interested, however this movie, this hobbit movie, is all on our minds. Can't figure out how to afford to take all six of us when it comes out and not have to wait in hopes for the cheap seats a year later.

  4. Well, my dear, I can hardly contain my excitement for: Les Mis, The Hobbit, The Great Gatsby and Anna Karenina. I have long ago "liked" your FB page…

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