Dear Starbucks… and Society.

Dear Starbucks, 
After a ridiculously quick trip to the supermarket, my daughter and I ran through your drive through. Being that we are Americans, we appreciate the occasional trip to one of your coffee bars like the good treat it should be. While there though, I have to admit you disappointed me. 
Well, no, it wasn’t my chai latte or the drink my teenage daughter chose.
It was, instead, your holiday plans. Thanksgiving? Christmas? Is it REALLY a vital necessity that you insist your stores are open for BOTH holidays? Really? 
Let’s be honest, our society has moved ourselves so far off the mark that it’s ridiculous. What was once a reclusive act of a select number of stores opening early on the Friday after Thanksgiving, to jumpstart the holiday shopping, has become a ridiculous and out of control obsession. Every store in the world participates, and people eat it up like candy flavored crack snack cakes that are about to be pulled from the shelves… 
{Sidenote for the people… Two weeks ago, did you put ANY Hostess snack cakes on your must-have, grocery staple list? No? Then why the flip were you pushing aside young children to get the last box of ho ho’s not even a week ago?} 
We, as a society, sicken me, Starbucks. Our consumer driven obsessions are out of control and driving our economy straight to the crapper. Spending money we don’t have on cheap-ass garbage made exclusively FOR black friday shoppers will NOT bring back jobs and stability. Why? Because said cheap-ass garbage wasn’t even made here, and more than likely half of the work force would rather NOT deal with: 
A) being forced to work holidays where they’d rather be spending time with their family; 
B) having to cook a Thanksgiving meal in between shifts; 
C) having to go to work at midnight, on black Friday  and stay til God knows when, witnessing the out of control gorging of complete strangers. 
Starbucks, YOU are responsible for furthering the chaos. 
Granted, it isn’t all your fault, but when a company like you- known for bringing jobs, supporting fair trade and being an all around fairly (I said fairly, critics) stand up company- you manipulate a weak minded and influential society to corporate worship you. Other companies do it too, so don’t get your knickers all twisted because I am singling you out. 
I am singling you out because I really thought you were better than this. 
Who will finally ignore the bottom line and put an end to the madness? To the camping out for cheaply manufactured electronics and rushed dinners so that you can be the first in line at the biggest sale? 
Remind me why we bother with Thanksgiving at all? 
Where is the gratitude? 
As we start the holiday season, where is the good will? The Peace to all? 
Because all I see is America’s disgusting corporate motto: Make another buck, make them spend another buck… 
And I am so sad that we still fall for it…
I did ask our Starbucks why in the world they were open, and in a very sad voice the manager told us that you corporately polled a variety of customers and they unanimously “voted” for you to be open both Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
It is sad that you even took the poll in the first place, but far sadder that anyone was selfish enough to expect a Starbucks to be open both days. It’s not like it’s a place of shelter and refuge, or a place for groceries or water. It’s a place for $5, high calorie coffee drinks and pastries. 
Disappointed and finding your lattes less, and less delicious, 
Misty Wagner

7 thoughts on “Dear Starbucks… and Society.

  1. Agreed. And it is mostly just here in America… in parts of Canada most stores still close early on Sunday's and on a holiday the only thing you'll find open is a random gas station and maybe a drug store. Kinda forces you to stay home and enjoy time with your family. Go figure!

  2. Absolutely! We have several businesses here who are closed Sundays and holidays. Somehow they thrive. It's so sad. Even 15 years ago it was so much less what it is now.

  3. I remember the first time my mom and sister decided to go to a movie on Christmas. "A movie??? What? You can't DO that!" I told them. "Those employees deserve to be home!" Now I hear about tons of people doing it, as some sort of tradition. I totally know my husband would if I let him, but I refuse to participate in this holiday scheme. Holidays are for EVERYONE, not just those of us who are fortunate enough to not work in the retail/entertainment/food industry.I, too, am surprised that Starbucks has succumbed to it, as if those 2 days a year are going to make or break their business. sigh….

  4. I grew ip going to the movies on holidays. We still do it. In fact, a lot of ministries and or/non profits are given tickets, by the theater for those days. Not always, but often, you volunteer to work and your families get passes or discounts. I guess I do see how it is different. At the same time though, I see your point.

  5. I have such mixed emotions about this. A few years ago, my hubby was working at Sam's during the holiday season. Being the newest in his department, he had to work Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas. It sucked.This morning (Thanksgiving Day) 2 of my 3 kids woke up with a stomach bug. We left our family gathering and made the 6 hour drive home while there was a lull in the nausea. I was very surprised how many places were open…pretty much all day. We made a pit stop at Walmart and noticed several fast food chains and even some retail that were open.I'm sad for the employees, but so glad Walmart was open and had what we needed! And…do most people get holiday pay? Maybe that helps?We didn't stop at Starbucks (I assumed they would be closed, haha!), but I sure was tempted to stop at Sonic (most advertised they were open 11am to 10pm today):)I don't, however, plan on doing anything associated with Black Friday. Blah!Hope you had a good (for real) Thanksgiving day!

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