You win some, you lose some…

It all started because my youngest decided she needs to sit on the floor, when pulling clothes out of the dresser. While this isn’t necessarily (in itself) an awful thing, using her bottom drawer to hoist her body weight off of the ground, over the years, hasn’t been the best. 
After countless repairs to railings and screws and other furniture mechanisms- the bottom drawer was shot. 
(* insert losing game show Wah Wah Wah here.*)
The next problem arose because the three drawered (little girl style) dresser just wasn’t working, as a now two drawered mess, to hold the clothes it needed to. We scoured local thrift stores looking for something to refinish for her, but found nothing. Then, one afternoon when Genny was putting away some laundry, Chw had the privilege of walking in on her hoisting her body weight up, via the second drawer. 
Level FAILED, Lesson UNlearned… Poor kid was about to find herself storing clothes in a stack of rubber maid bins, he was so upset. That’s when something i had seen on Pinterest occurred to me…
I scoured Craigslist and found 2 old entertainment armoires. I knew it was genius idea when I could score them both for under a hundred dollars. I pitched the idea to Chw, who was eager to agree. This meant an attractive clothing storage solution for Genny, with NO drawers to crane herself off of the floor- AND a long awaiting storage solution for our own bedroom. 
Through much stress and maneuvering, both armoires made their way to our garage. 
Genny’s (which turned out to be half the size of the ginormous other one) was up first. We painted it chrome (she LOVES it, it’s so chic and cool). It was a simple project that turned out AWESOME. (*note: for those of you who had seen the picture of her room before she got bunk beds and a shiny, silver armoire- you will likely notice how incredibly GROWN UP and teenagerish those two things made her room. *sniff*)

Totally inspired by the trending feed of upcycled armoires, we attempted to work on the one for our bedroom this week. 
(*insert previous losing game show WAH WAH WAH here, a million decibels louder than before.*) 
We now have an unfinished armoire, nearly the size of a small car, parked in our garage. Genny’s old broken dresser in our closet and our good old dresser in our room, just as before. We are no longer desperate for a clothing storage solution for us- but it certainly did NOT go the way we planned… 

Entertainment option: note the size difference, by the included Chw scale between the last photo and the third…
Second Entertainment option: Drinking came for every time I have cursed the armoire that is STILL sitting, dead center, in my garage. it has been weeks, but I have been stuck in the grieving process.

Additional sidenote: I have been wanting to get a cross bow. For the armoire’s sake, it’s good I haven’t acquired one, as of yet…

The end. :( 

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