Seven months ago, our world was rocked (in a bad way) quite a few repetitive times… Since that time, the ripples and aftershocks have been equally as electric and altering.
In the beginning I wondered what i was meant to learn, retain and blossom from. Selfishly I scoped out the situations, thinking i would find my direction quick enough and our little planet could right itself.

Silly, silly me.

Today, as I look at the huge days looming ahead, I realize that I am shaping and changing, though I hadn’t really seen it until recently. My scope is widening and things that meant so much mean little  these days. It’s interesting…
it’s a little frightening…
But most of all, it’s really good.

Hopefully I will be able to be more transparent once this has all actually passed us. There has been so much… There is still, so much.

To date, this is the biggest and most vital week our family has known… 

Deep breath… 
Wish me luck! 
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